Toshin Gekitotsu has concluded! The event was streamed last night on Nico, Youtube, and UStream. Thanks to Youtube, the archives are immediately available for viewing on the Japanese Playstation channel!
2015/8/22 GGXrd Toshin Gekitotsu
Guilty Gear Kings vs Progamer Allies
39:02 Taka(Slayer) vs Roi(Sol)
57:52 Kiisha(Faust) vs Ain(Ky)
1:24:03 Koichi(I-No) vs LOX(Bedman)
1:48:24 Takehara(Ramlethal) vs Mugen(Sol)
2:12:18 Hamburg(Elphelt) vs Nakamura(Millia)
2:41:07 Karinchu(Millia) vs Dogura(Sin)
2:54:24 Susumu(Chipp) vs Machaboo(Ky)
3:12:35 Nage(Faust) vs Kazunoko(Sol)
3:31:24 FAB(Potemkin) vs sako(Zato)
3:51:33 Ogawa(Zato) vs Daigo Umehara(Sol)

Every set was first to three. While the overall results may not be a surprise, all of the matches were really good. I am sure a lot of people are surprised about Daigo and sako’s performance. Out of all the big Guilty Gear events, this is definitely the one with the biggest production values. They even had the instant replay tech! They have really raised the bar and I hope that future events will learn from Toshin Gekitotsu’s example.

In other news, Jonio has also finished putting up the videos from the Mikado Pre Arc Revo cup events. The singles event is on his Youtube account, and the 3on3 is on Nico and mirrored on my channel.
2015/8/13 Pre Arc Revo Cup 2015 singles tourney
2015/8/14 Pre Arc Revo Cup 2015 3on3

GG Xrd Revelator is coming out in 2 days, and ASW will be holding an official pre release stream tomorrow night! They have promised that an important announcement will be made during the stream, so keep your eyes open.

The official Toshin Gekitotsu and Japanese Playstation blog recently updated with their choice on who the Arc Revo representative will be. It is Karinchu, so the final lineups for both teams are now

Guilty Gear Kings: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Karinchu(Millia), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust), Hamburg(Elphelt)
Progamer Allies: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Dogura(Sin), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol), Ain(Ky)

They have also announced the format, and it will not be Pokemon style at all to give everyone a chance to play in this exhibition! The matches are
Battle 1: Taka vs Roi
Battle 2: Kiisha vs Ain
Battle 3: Koichi vs LOX
Battle 4: Takehara vs Mugen
Battle 5: Hamburg vs Nakamura
Battle 6: Karinchu vs Dogura
Battle 7: Susumu vs Machaboo
Battle 8: Nage vs Kazunoko
Battle 9: FAB vs sako
Battle 10: Ogawa vs Daigo Umehara

The Playstation blog has also been posting lengthy interviews with the participating players that you can read below.
Article 1 – Susumu, Machaboo, Nage, Kazunoko
Article 2 – FAB, sako, Ogawa, Umehara

In other news, top Faust player Kiisha has released a really cool Xrd Faust combo video. It contains a lot of character specific tech so it’s definitely worth watching.

Youtube mirror

Jam Kuradoberi by sowel

Jam Kuradoberi by sowel

Arc Revolution Cup 2015 concluded this weekend! This year’s Arc Revo was a big departure from previous years for several reasons, one in that the game lineup expanded to 4 titles. Guilty Gear Xrd and Blazblue CP Extend were featured as the main games, but there were also side tournaments for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]. By popular demand they also changed the format from singles to 3on3 teams, and expanded the brackets to allow 64 teams each to participate! As a result, this was the biggest Arc Revo in its history, and it definitely showed on the stream as the production quality was much lower than previous years. Pre top 8 for BB and GGXrd was kind of a mess, with only around 30% of the time dedicated to showing matches. There was a lot of dead air and footage of the commentators talking about brackets. They also did away with the concert that was a mainstay from the previous years.

In any case, top 4 did not have any problems! You may have already seen the hilarious .gif of Team Unusual’s botched entrance in grand finals. Very unexpected result this year because Ogawa’s team was definitely the favorite to win. It is also special because traditionally Machaboo’s team has always lost to Ogawa’s every time they had to fight each other in a big tournament, so this is his revenge after all these years. If you would like to watch the archives, Arc Revo always uploads the full tournament to Youtube eventually so it is just a matter of time. For the stream version, Youtube user Fahadouken has already put up everything on his channel.

Arc Revo Cup 2015 Guilty Gear Xrd Preliminaries
Arc Revo Cup 2015 Guilty Gear Xrd Top 4
1st – Dogura(Sin), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol)
2nd – Ogawa(Zato), Karinchu(Millia), Koichi(I-No)
4th – Sharon(Elphelt), Hasegawa(I-No), Zadi(Sin)
4th – Day(Elphelt), eki-chan(Millia), Sabamiso(Bedman)

At Arc Revo, they also unveiled the arcade opening for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, which you can see on the ASW Youtube channel. The game will be coming to arcades a little more than a week from now on August 25th. Be sure to watch the entire video because Jam Kuradoberi makes her official entrance at the end! Unfortunately her original voice actress Manami Komori could not reprise her role. But her new voice actress Rei Matsuzari has spoken up on Twitter stating that she has been a longtime GG fan, and apparently went into voice acting because of a chance meeting with Komori. So I think she will do a fine job. Since she was not present in location tests, Jam will not be immediately playable in Revelator. She will likely be a time release like Ramlethal was in the original Xrd.

In other news, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator was briefly featured on the Sega AP channel during a Dengeki broadcast, and they demoed Jack-O’s stylish mode! The guy playing is just mashing buttons, but you can get a brief glimpse of the new graphics and you can also hear Jack-O’s voice. She kind of sounds like Millia with that big sister type voice. You can watch the clip on Dailymotion and Youtube.

Episode 5 of Daigo Umehara’s training with Machaboo for Toshin Gekitotsu is out! This time, sako dropped by so it’s definitely worth a watch to see all 3 of them go at it.

Because of Evolution, GG has gotten quite a popularity boost outside of the fighting game circle so many of the Japanese players have been writing informational pieces about the game! Tenma0105 and greatfernman on Twitter have been translating them into English, and I have listed them below.
Traps in GG that beginners fall for easily by Konsome
Philosophy of analyzing losses by Nage
Blue bursts by Nage
Limiting nervousness by Nage
Advantageous positions and Dash FD by Nage
GGXrd tier list by Nage

The 5th Toshin Gekitotsu online qualifier just finished this weekend, and since it was the last one ASW made it extra special by having both FAB and Nage on commentary! In addition, the EVO 2015 representative was chosen by having the Top8 players battle it out. Only Dogura and Rion were able to make it though. And finally, the qualifier closed with a quick exhibition set between FAB and Nage. The archives are available to watch on the official ASW Youtube channel. You might notice that Saki Yoshida is wearing a Ramlethal hoodie, which is one of the goods that will be available to purchase at ASW’s Comiket 88 booth!

2015/8/9 Toshin Gekitotsu 5th online qualifier with FAB and Nage commentary
Progamer Allied Forces
19:22 ROH(Ky) vs Dogura(Sin)
22:34 Kana(Ramlethal) vs Ain(Ky)
25:33 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Terakoma(Millia)
28:17 Momiage(Sol) vs Gazou(Faust)
31:33 Dogura(Sin) vs Ain(Ky)
38:07 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Gazou(Faust)
44:59 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Ain(Ky)

Guilty Gear Kings Army
1:05:21 saryu(Ramlethal) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)
1:07:54 Endou(Chipp) vs Zadi(Sin)
1:12:24 Samitto(Chipp) vs Tights(Zato)
1:15:35 Hamburger(Elphelt) vs Endou(Chipp)
1:23:25 Samitto(Chipp) vs Endou(Chipp)
1:27:36 Samitto(Chipp) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)

EVO 2015 representative
1:40:53 Rion(Ky) vs Dogura(Sin)

2:14:57 Nage(Faust) vs FAB(Potemkin)

The lineups for each team are now
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust), Hamburger(Elphelt)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Dogura(Sin), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol), Ain(Ky)

Daigo’s team is now finalized, but the Guilty Gear Kings Army team still has one more spot which will go to an Arc Revo 2015 representative.

Daigo Umehara has been going through some Guilty Gear training sessions with Machaboo the past few weeks. These have been streamed on his Beast channel Nico community, and recently the Playstation Japan Youtube channel has started to mirror the archives! Machaboo ends up playing Sol, Ky, and Zato throughout the episodes, and you can see Daigo play a long netplay set against sako at around 1hr 35min in Episode 4 to prepare himself for his upcoming match against Ogawa.
Beast Channel Toshin Gekitotsu Episode 3
Beast Channel Toshin Gekitotsu Episode 4

The Japanese Playstation blog has finally revealed the main players who will be participating in Toshin Gekitotsu! First up, be sure to watch the very funny promotional video that contains interviews with most of the participating players. The lineups are now
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol)

As this is a 10on10, there are still four more spots left to fill. Guilty Gear Kings Army will have an ArcRevo 2015 representative, and Progamer Allied Forces will have an EVO 2015 representative. Since Ogawa and Nage are already set in place, there is a good chance that Woshige will be chosen as the EVO player. There is also one more online qualifier that will be happening on August 9th.

In addition, the site has revealed that this 10on10 exhibition will not be played Pokemon style, as the main players already have their matches set! They are
Battle 0: Arc Revo 2015 representative vs EVO 2015 representative
Battle 1: Susumu vs Machaboo
Battle 2: Nage vs Kazunoko
Battle 3: FAB vs sako
Battle 4: Ogawa vs Daigo Umehara

No announcement has been made about the format for the online qualified players, though. It is interesting to see Machaboo pick Ky for this event, and I have a feeling it is for the purpose of adding diversity because his team already has 4 Sol players. The finals will be dual streamed on Nico and Youtube on August 22nd.

Here is a list of gaming publications that are running articles on this event: