Recently, Karinchu traveled to the Chubu region and was recorded played against several players from the Nagoya GGXrd scene. If you are at all interested in learning Ramlethal Valentine, these videos are a must watch. It is pretty much the Nagoya GG scene getting stomped by the #1 ranked Ram player.

Sasashima Leisureland
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia), Tights(Zato), Nanore(Slayer), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nanore(Slayer)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal)

Port24 Issha
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Fujihou(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp), Uki(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Daiji(Ramlethal), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), Hoshi(Ky)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May)

Comtech Square
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato), Nabe(Millia)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato), Daiji(Ramlethal)

People have been expecting this for a while now, but it’s finally been announced: Sin Kiske will be the new Guilty Gear Xrd character available in the console release! Famitsu has two online articles about the announcement with some nice screenshots, and also has a page about it in this month’s issue. Shoutouts to Kurushii for providing the magazine scan.

This month’s issue of Arcadia has a two page article on the Arc Revolution Cup, which has started since 3 weeks ago. Top Faust player Kiisha was interviewed for the GGXrd portion, which you can view here. You may remember him as the winner of last year’s Arc Revo Cup for Guilty Gear XX AC+R. Credit again goes to Kurushii for providing the magazine scan. He was also asked for his opinion on Xrd’s tier list, and I have translated it below:
Kiisha’s GGXrd tier list
S Sol Zato Faust Ramlethal
S- Chipp Millia
A Ky May Axl Slayer
B Bedman I-No Venom
C Potemkin

Anime Expo 2014 will be taking place this entire fourth of July weekend, and Aksys has announced that Guilty Gear Xrd will be available to play in the dealer’s hall at their booth! So, if you’re an AX regular or happen to be in the Los Angeles area, this is a good opportunity to give the game a try before its console release.

Kedako and Ruu have been doing a lot of testing and research concerning the system esoterics of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, and I wanted to make this post to translate their findings and put them somewhere for reference.
UPDATE: Ruu’s blog now has complete frame data for every character! I will update this post periodically as more translations become available.
All characters once again have 420 health, down from 460 in AC+R. Hellfire state kicks in when 337 points of damage have been dealt: basically, when you have 20% or less health remaining. Kedako tested this by playing Chipp in sparring mode and throwing shurikens(which do exactly 1 damage) 420 times.  Now that’s dedication
Defense modifiers
Sol 1.00
Ky 1.03
May 1.06
Millia 1.22(up from 1.21)
Zato 1.09(up from 1.06)
Potemkin 0.94(up from 0.87)
Faust 1.00
Chipp 1.30
Axl 1.06
Venom 1.06
Slayer 0.96
I-No 1.06
Bedman 0.94
Ramlethal 1.06
As you can see, defense modifiers are mostly the same, except for the aforementioned 3 characters, who had theirs nerfed. Between the 3, Potemkin’s defense nerf is the most significant.
Wakeup times

Character Faceup Facedown
Sol 53f 49f
Ky 51f 49f
May 53f 50f
Millia 53f 51f
Zato 53f 50f
Potemkin 52f 50f
Chipp 58f 52f
Faust 53f 57f
Axl 53f 49f
Venom 49f 54f
Slayer 54f 48f
I-No 52f 48f
Bedman 52f 58f
Ramlethal 53f 51f
Roman cancel startup times and other info. There is a ton of info here, but I’ve only been able to translate the following.
YRC: 6f startup followed by 18f of screen darkening. Also has 2f of invincibility
RC: 1f startup
PRC: 15f startup
Ruu tested the red roman cancel mechanics, and came to the following conclusions. Red RC has 1f startup, and slows down the opponent’s speed by half. In addition, the red RC adds extra frames of stun. The extra stun increases depending on the level of the move that connected beforehand:
Lv1 18f
Lv2 22f
Lv3 26f
Lv4 32f
Lv5 36f
This is why certain combos only work when you add in a red RC. Typical example is Sol 5s5h Bandit Bringer, which does not work normally. But 5s5h RC Bandit Bringer does work.

Millia by haik

Millia by haik

Guilty Gear Xrd has been out for a while, and I’ve been wanting to write my impressions on the new Millia. Unfortunately, a mook has not yet been released and the Japanese wiki does not have a changelog available, so everything here comes from my notes from watching a lot of Xrd Millia videos cross referenced with Teyah’s dustloop thread.  These changes use AC+R as a reference point.  If an official changelog does get released, I will update this post accordingly.

General changes

  • Dash speed and acceleration are slower(universal)
  • Jump and double jump are a bit floatier
  • Backdash total duration increased
  • Can no longer air dash cancel anything

New moves

214k(roll): Not a new move, but it can now be cancelled early into followups

  • k(roll): Starts up a bit faster than the original
  • s(Lust Shaker): Does not appear to be any different than the original Lust Shaker
  • h(Digitalis): A very fast strike that blows back the opponent.  On counterhit, will willsplat if opponent was near the corner

214214s(Chroming Rose): A new Install super that causes roses to appear behind Millia every time she moves or does an attack.  The roses launch the opponent, and the install lasts for a very long time, about 8 seconds.  Super is a bit slow to start up, so it’s mainly used after knockdown.



  • Can now gatling and combo into 2d
  • Hurtbox(not hitbox!) seems to be a bit bigger than before

5s(f): No longer jump cancellable


  • A completely different move now.  Millia rolls backwards and creates a rose on the ground where she was previously, launching the opponent.
  • The roll appears to have a low profile state, like her 214k


  • Untechable time on normal hit increased back to pre-AC+R status


  • No longer jump cancellable
  • Hitbox appears to be weakened(universal)
  • Starts up a bit slower than before

6k: Starts up a bit slower than before


  • Hitbox weakened
  • Now hits twice
  • 1st hit is jump cancellable
  • 2nd hit is overhead

j.k: No longer gatlings into j.h

j.s: Can now gatling and combo into j.d


  • Reverted back to #R style helicopter, with extremely high untechable time on every hit.
  • Plummets opponent downward very quickly, moreso than any other version of helicopter


  • Starts up much faster than before, back to pre-AC+R speed
  • As a result, j.kd is a valid combo again
  • No longer knocks down a grounded opponent.  Is just a normal hit
  • On counterhit, will knock down an opponent midscreen.
  • On a corner counterhit, will cause a wallbounce, but wallbounce untechable time is greatly reduced from AC+R


  • Untechable knockdown
  • Recovery increased greatly, can no longer follow up her throw into dash 5s combos.  However, dash 2p still works against certain characters.
  • Can now be roman cancelled

Special moves

236s(Tandem Top): No longer has the 42f cooldown after using H Tandem Top and Secret Garden

236h(Tandem Top)

  • Starts up much slower than before, by about 12f
  • Recovers slower, by about 3f
  • Now hits twice
  • Disc disappears if Millia is forced to block

214k(roll): Starts up a bit slower than before.  Also has followups, written in the new moves section

j.214s(Silent Force)

  • Pin travel speed slowed down significantly
  • Untechable time on air hit decreased back to pre-AC+R status
  • No longer has the cooldown from AC+R
  • On air counterhit, blows back the opponent more than before.  Makes followup combos more difficult

214h(Secret Garden): Can no longer cancel early with the d button


2141236(Winger): last hit no longer causes groundslide.  Wallbounces like pre-AC+R

Moves lost


j.214k/h(Silent Force)

236d/j.236d(FB Pretty Maze)

214s->214d(FB Longinus)

214d(FB Secret Garden)

j.2141236h(Air Winger)

From these changes and the videos I’ve seen, Xrd Millia is still strong but a significant step down from AC+R, and even #R if you want to use that as a reference.  She got weakened a bit going from AC to AC+R, but the nerfs were fairly minor and didn’t change her overall gameplan.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for AC+R -> Xrd, as the nerfs are quite significant this time around.  Though, I do want to note that this is not Millia specific, as a similar thing happened to many other characters.  However, some of the stuff that Millia lost were things that she had throughout the entire XX series.

To summarize her changes, Millia is much more meter reliant than before.  Most of Millia’s important tools in the XX series(j.d, pin, H Tandem Top, throw) have been nerfed in various ways.  I have also heard that antiair hitboxes were weakened across the board in Xrd, and from all the videos I’ve seen this seems to be the case.  So her amazing 6p is also nerfed.  But in exchange, she has some great new metered options along with one of the most broken supers in the game. One of Millia’s greatest strengths throughout the entire XX series was how well she functioned without meter.  There are some GG characters who absolutely must have meter to do damage or start rushdown, but the old Millia could do just fine without it.  So I believe it was the intent of the developers to change that and force her to use meter more often.

Going over individual parts of her game, Millia’s neutral is much worse.  j.d no longer knocks down grounded opponents, which is a pretty big deal.  The pin nerf is also huge, as the slower travel speed makes it much harder to surprise people with now.  The increased blowback effect on air counterhit also makes it really difficult and sometimes impossible to do a followup combo.  She is also slower than before.  While the nerfed dash speed and acceleration are changes that happened across the board, it is most significant with the speed demon characters: namely Chipp and Millia.

Millia’s mix up potential is also worse.  H Tandem Top is much much slower now, so it is more difficult to get a proper knockdown for disc okizeme.  Basically, you have to use meter(for YRC disc) more often to get real disc setups.  The disc disappearing on block doesn’t help either.  While 214p Iron Savior does not have any changes, it actually did get indirectly nerfed as a result of the system changes.  The new RC mechanics and the removal of FRC make the old 214p FRC mixups obsolete, so she has lost her only true unreactable high/low.  The reason is that you cannot YRC when the opponent is in hitstun/blockstun, and doing 214p YRC makes the screen freeze and turn black. Meanwhile, Millia does this very obvious pose in the air, so there is pretty much no mixup.

The nerf to throw is also huge.  While people often talk about how Millia has amazing mixup, most assume that just refers to high/low.  But that’s just part of the big picture: it’s really the high/low/throw that completes the puzzle.  In older games, getting ground thrown by Millia was scary because she could combo off of it into a knockdown.  Sure, the damage was low, but no matter where you were on the screen, getting thrown by Millia meant you got sent into the corner.  Now in Xrd, the reward for landing a throw is a lot smaller than before.  She can only consistently combo off of throw against Faust.  It could be worse, though…  at least it’s not Slash, where throw was completely techable and not comboable.

The game environment changes are also bad for Millia.  The damage levels in Xrd are higher than AC+R, one of the reasons being that life totals were lowered from 460 back to 420.  Millia’s damage output is also lower than her AC+R counterpart.  Her defensive options seem to be the same.  Although her backdash did get nerfed slightly(by having its duration extended), it’s a bit too early to say if it really changes anything.  And while her jump is slower and floatier, I have no idea if the actual startup of her jump has been changed.

Let’s talk about what has gotten better!  Her ground pressure, which was quite bad in earlier GG games, has gotten better in Xrd.  She now has some decent ways to frametrap people with the Digitalis followup on roll, the new 5d, and the ability to YRC S Tandem Top.  While Digitalis is techable on normal hit, it causes a wallsplat on a corner counterhit that is very easy to combo off of.  Millia had the worst 5d by a huge margin in the XX series, but her new 5d makes her roll backwards, which is a great evasive tool to make people whiff pokes.

While the new RC mechanics took away her strongest mixup with Iron Savior, they have made her ground poking game a bit stronger.  It is mainly contributed by red RC and how it adds hitstun.  In earlier games, whenever Millia poked with far slash, she could not get any real damage and/or knockdown out of it unless the opponent was close to the corner and she had 50% meter for Emerald Rain.  And in AC+R, she could use 25% meter for FB Longinus.  But now, the new RC mechanics make 5s5h RC into dash followup combo a very real thing.  It’s definitely a welcome change, because she can do this anywhere.  So she isn’t limited to the corner like previous games.

And then there’s Chroming Rose.  This new super is RIDICULOUS.  Sure, it has slow startup, but once it’s activated, it basically makes it impossible for anyone to approach Millia.  The roses launch the opponent, so they are easy to combo off of.  They also launch the opponent if Millia lands a TK Badmoon or 214p, so they have great utility for high/low mixup.  What’s even more broken is that even if TK Badmoon or 214p are blocked, the roses will still appear and keep the opponent in blockstun so that Millia can attempt another mixup.  There is a lot of potential with this super, and normally I would say that it is completely broken but I suppose that the intent was to have Chroming Rose make up for all the things she lost.

In general, I’m not really a big fan of the way Millia got changed in Xrd.  The nerfs don’t bother me that much though: it’s the general direction of removing existing options and making her more meter reliant.  Just look at her moveset: she used to have 3 different ways to throw her pin: now it’s back to 1!  I am also really disappointed in the loss of air dash cancels, because that was by far the coolest thing that she got in AC and AC+R.  It was also the mechanic that really set her apart from all the other characters and made her unique.  Her new combos are a mixture of AC and #R style, leaning more towards #R, so they’re a lot more standardized and not as varied as they were in AC+R.  One thing I loved about her AC+R counterpart was that if she had her pin or at least 25% meter in corner, she could totally swag all over the opponent’s face.  Now in Xrd, most of the swag is gone and there is less variation in her combos. Additionally, even if she has meter she can’t use it to add more damage.

On a side note, it was pretty interesting reading the Japanese BBS for Xrd.  The members of the Millia thread were despairing pretty hard for the first month of the game, because it seemed like she had lost everything.  Even Woshige and Nakamura expressed their distaste over the Millia changes, although Nakamura eventually came around.  Their consensus was that although Millia gained some new tools, they did not make up for what she had lost.  And that her general playstyle in Xrd is not as interesting as AC+R’s.

Also, her combo theory has been completely changed AGAIN.  This is the 4th game in a row where this has happened, all the way from #R -> Slash -> AC -> AC+R -> Xrd.  So, none of her AC+R combos work anymore, and all Millia players have to basically re-learn the character again.  Her new combos don’t seem anywhere near as character specific as AC/AC+R though, so it shouldn’t take too long to learn them.  Millia’s combos were already made easier from AC to AC+R, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

Anyway, if Millia gets any more changes, I will update this post accordingly.  Until next time!

H.H continues his series of FT10 exhibition sets with some players from the Kansai region for a change! LOX Bedman and Isamu Venom are featured, who you may remember as the two who faced off in grand finals at the a-cho Pre Arc Revolution Cup. Normally, H.H dual streams on Nico and Twitch, but he appears to have forgotten to stream on Twitch this time. So I had to upload the Nico archive for the Youtube mirror, which is why the quality is noticeably worse than the previous FT10s.

EDIT: H.H did a local recording of the FT10 so he eventually uploaded the set to his Youtube account.

2014/6/20 H.H stream
LOX(Bedman) vs Isamu(Venom) FT10