I-No vs Tsurukame

I-No vs Tsurukame

This was a post that I planned on making on New Years Day, but I totally forgot about it until now. Sorry! Anyway, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R came out in September of 2012, but those who have followed the game since the beginning know that the original +R is a bit different than the +R we have now. +R received a number of updates, but the update in January of 2013 was special for being the only one that had balance changes, fixing some problematic characters in the original +R(namely Kliff and Zappa). That effectively makes it one year that Japan has been playing the current version of Plus R, so I thought it’d be nice to translate the top ranked players on the Player’s Guild website. The ranks are called Risk Rating, which are the equivalent to PSR in other games. All of the players I will list here have a solid S rating or higher.




14.Yuuryou Driver F(SL)

28.Super Tamade(TE)

GG news roundup

Bedman by myoureng

Bedman by myoureng

Happy Holidays! Since the last few news posts have been dedicated to the Xrd location tests, I thought I’d fill you guys in on other GG related things that happened in the meantime. But first, a camera pic of the recent Dengeki magazine reveals that Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is coming out in March of 2014. But you’ll notice that the bottom left edge of that pic has the Xrd logo, so it looks like we’ll be seeing Xrd in arcades in three months!

Chaos Heroes Online is a Korean free-to-play MOBA that got attention earlier this year in May for including characters from other IPs, most notably Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles, a personal favorite of mine. It is getting a Japanese version, and recently has begun adding ArcSystemWorks characters! Sol, Dizzy, Ragna, and Noel will be playable, and will also be included in the Japanese version. Famitsu has an article on Dizzy’s addition right here. For now, this is probably the closest thing we will get to GG vs BB.

The Arc System Works 25th anniversary artbook came out a little bit over a month ago, and a user on the Chinese Tokimeki Memorial wiki has graciously provided camera pics of the entire book here. The PW is dustloop. There is a load of nice art from every ASW game, with GG and BB as the main centerpieces.

Some of you may remember the Guilty Gear and Blazblue character popularity polls that were held around the time of the Arc Revolution Cup. Turns out, there was another set of popularity polls held for ASW’s 25th anniversary. This time, they polled the top male/female characters from all ASW games, so it even includes obscure titles like Battle Fantasia. The results were published in the artbook I mentioned previously, and I went ahead and cropped out the results for better readability:
Top ASW male characters

Top ASW female characters
6-30 (notice anything out of place?)

Guilty Gear Vastedge XT is a pachinko slot game that got released recently. The game does happen to have a storyline, and Yamanaka tweeted that it takes place after GG2. A user on Dustloop was able to obtain a digital copy of concept illustrations, which can be found on Photobucket. Lots of interesting stuff there, and many of the designs are pretty close to Xrd’s. Here are some gameplay videos!
【新台】パチスロギルティギア〜GUILTY GEAR《D-light》〜

In addition, Vastedge has also been released for iOS and Android! It costs 1500yen, and you can find the mobile page here. The game is reportedly a stripped down version of the arcade version(no surprise there), with only one background track.

My friend Brett wrote a really funny GG themed Grinch parody on Twitter as a response to the US version of the +R patch still not being out, and it’s been pastebined for posterity.

I just realized that I haven’t made any posts about combo videos since AC+R’s release! Personally, I have a lot more fun watching match videos since they tend to have more useful things to take away. But there have been a fair number of great combo videos released for Plus R, so I’d like to compile them in this post.

kin iro zappa – Zappa combo video by Gunso and Mekasue

Momentary Sky – Dizzy combo video by Daiji

HEART IS THERE – Justice combo video by Jigoku Ningyou

Youtube mirror

The “HEANTAI” craftsmen and crazy combo – May combo video by Kedako

Futuristic Player – Testament combo video by Shuumatsu, Sento, and Kuma

Kliff combo video by BoB

Youtube mirror

already champion – Potemkin combo video by FAB

Youtube mirror

unfinished – Jam combo video by Teresa

Youtube mirror

a-cho held a really big set of special events for the Guilty Gear XX series’ 11th anniversary in arcades about 3 months ago. Lots of players came out from both East and West Japan, so the level of play is especially high. This footage has actually been available for quite some time now.. if you’re wondering why it took me so long to post it, it’s because there was also a special East vs West Japan exhibition streamed during the event. I was waiting for a-cho to post the footage for the exhibition, but they have either lost the videos or just forgot about them altogether. So here are all the available videos from the event. If the exhibition videos do end up getting released in the future, I will update this post accordingly.

There are a TON of videos in this post, so you can check them out after the break!
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GG Xrd 1st location test cast by Rokuro

GG Xrd 1st location test cast by Rokuro

In almost no time at all, the 3rd location test for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has started and will be going on this entire weekend! Since the second location test, there have been two characters announced: series veteran Eddie, who is back to his old Zato-1 name for some reason, as well as a completely new character named Bedman. Bedman is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, a very popular voice actor who many ASW fans will remember as the voice of Akihiko in Persona 3 and P4Arena. Bedman has impressive range and is unique in being the only Guilty Gear character with an 8 way airdash.

On the side of system changes, instant kills have been added to the game but reportedly they are only animated for Sol and Ky: instant kills for other characters just immediately make the “Destroyed” screen appear. Blitz Shields have had a slight input change: instead of pressing any two buttons for the high version or down + any two buttons for the low version, the two buttons now must be hard slash + any button other than Dust. There is a new mechanic called Hellfire: reportedly, it powers up all Overdrive moves and only activates when the player’s life is low, indicated by a flashing portrait. One mechanic that wasn’t really clarified before was Instant Blocking: it is not listed in the Xrd website system page and was not tested by many of the location test attendants. But Kedako has confirmed that IB is still in the game.

The last new change is a cosmetic one: previous location tests recycled character voice clips from Accent Core, but now the new re-recorded voices for every character have been added in to the game.

I will be updating this post throughout the weekend as more information becomes available.

Here is a list of sites currently running articles on this 3rd wave of location tests, with lots of nice pictures.
4gamer (has screenshots and character portraits without text)
4gamer 2
Radio Kaikan (tons of images of Bedman and Zato)
Gamer (lots of Bedman and Zato, as well as images of Sol and Ky IKs)

Aristobule has began uploading camera videos on his Youtube account.