Just a reminder that Leo Whitefang is coming out as a DLC character for the Japanese version of GGXrd on December 18th. Some official footage of him has finally been made available from 4gamer, where Pachi breaks down the character. Famitsu also has some sample combos as well as gameplay footage vs CPU Ky.

Another 4gamer article has more details and screenshot on Leo as well as images of two upcoming sets of DLC palettes. Christmas themed palettes for every character will be available for free from December 18-24, and Playstation palettes will be available for PS Plus subscribers from January 8 to February 3 of next year.

Now that console GGXrd has been out for almost two weeks, here is a summary of the notable videos that have popped up since then. There are a lot of videos in this post, so they have posted after the break.
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Elphelt Valentine by Kara

Elphelt Valentine by Kara

A little late on reporting this, but Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has finally been released! The Japanese version came out on the 4th, and the US standard edition is supposed to come out on the 16th. But if you haven’t already heard, Gamestop announced that they are breaking the street date, so if you are still waiting on the US version, go get it now! Unfortunately the Limited Edition is still delayed to December 23rd.

Currently, Elphelt is only out for 2 groups: Japanese pre-orders and Hong Kong digital. She will be out officially for the Japanese version on the 16th, as an 800yen DLC character. People who are buying the US version get a special treat, as Elphelt will be downloadable for free from December 16th all the way to January 5th of next year!

Leo Whitefang’s DLC release date has been officially announced to be the 18th. You can see him featured in the recent Famitsu article, scanned by Kurushii. Some players with hacked PS3s have been able to play and unlock him, since his data is already on the disc. You might be able to find videos of him in action if you poke around Youtube and Twitch, but keep in mind that ASW is taking down these videos rapidly.

The 4gamer wiki has been updated with Sin and Elphelt’s pages. However, frame data for these 2 are not yet available. It’s ok though, because Kedako and Ruu have worked it all out. You can see it all on Ruu’s blog. Pretty interesting how Elphelt has the fastest move in the game: a 1f startup powered up shotgun blast.

keeponrockin has made an excellent video database for Guilty Gear Xrd, very similar to Chainshift and meltydb. While I would normally recommend just using my site to search for videos, the keeponrockin site has the super useful features of being an actual database and letting you watch any match from the appropriate timestamp.

Recently, Satou and Ruu came over to the US for Northeast Championships, and the videos have been put up on Youtube! You can watch them running sets in both AC+R and Xrd in the pre-tourney Salty Suite over at Team Spooky After Hours. You can also see them in the big Xrd Red vs White teams event and top8 of the AC+R tourney over at FunkyP’s channel.

Only a week after the event, all of the videos from the 3rd Mikado Masters Series are up! This was a lot bigger than the 2nd one, since it didn’t conflict with another major event. Great to see AC+R still get some representation.

2014/11/22 Day 1
Singles tourney

Youtube playlist


Youtube playlist

2014/11/23 Day 2
Ladies only 3on3

Newcomers tourney with Beginner level restriction

Newcomers tourney with Intermediate level restriction

Newcomers tourney

Red vs White teams

Youtube playlist

2014/11/24 Day 3
GGXX AC+R 3on3

Youtube playlist

Random team tourney

a-cho has finally put up all the videos from their special 3 day event for Guilty Gear’s 12th anniversary in arcades! Since there are a TON of videos in this post, I have placed them after the jump.
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Elphelt Valentine by Unizama

Elphelt Valentine by Unizama

Not much of a surprise here, but Leo Whitefang was officially announced to be a DLC character in Famitsu last week! You can see more details about his character profile in this magazine scan by Kurushii or on Famitsu’s website. The article also has more screenshots of the console features. You can see that there are 64-player world lobbies just like BBCP’s. Another cool thing is that there will be DLC for system voice announcers! Some sample quotes are shown, which confirm that all of the voice actors do the system voices in-character, which is super cool.

Guilty Gear Xrd was featured on the Denjin Getcha stream a few days ago. Akira and Pachi were there to show off more Sin and Elphelt, and during their matches you can see that there is finally a rematch menu! This is great news, since GG has not had a proper rematch option since the PS2 port of Accent Core. It is ridiculous how such a key feature got taken out in so many ArcSys games. But anyway, the rematch menu asks both players if they want to continue or go back to char select/menu. You can watch the video below.

During the stream a story mode clip featuring Sol, Ky, Leo, Ramlethal, and Elphelt was shown. Apparently, it is somewhere in the introduction of the story. The clip has been uploaded on the official Arc System Works Youtube account, and you can watch it below.

Finally, the 4gamer GGXrd wiki has gotten a minor update. There are now images of all four taunts and all six palettes for every character.