Leo Whitefang by Shimasakon

Leo Whitefang by Shimasakon

In some sad news, Tomo AKA T5M7 the #1 ranked Leo player will be moving to Kansai so we will no longer be seeing him in Mikado Guilty Gear footage. To send him off, the arcade has dedicated this week to him with some special events! Titled “Sayonara Lion”, they have been recording some 7 match sets of him vs some of the Mikado regulars. There was also a Leo only tournament right before their usual 3on3 on Saturday. It’s a really cool thing to do, and Jonio has been directly uploading the footage to his Youtube channel. Be sure to support Jonio and subscribe, since he is the one recording and streaming all this footage! The Leo only tournament is not uploaded yet, so I will update this post with it when it appears.

Tomo(Leo) vs Zadi(Sin)
Tomo(Leo) vs Yosuke(Axl)
Tomo(Leo) vs Roi(Sol)
Tomo(Leo) vs Ain(Ky)
Tomo(Leo) vs Ogawa(Zato)
Tomo(Leo) vs Karinchu(Millia) 1 2

Now that Tomo is in Kansai, maybe we will see him in a-cho videos if he’s ever in the Kyoto area.

Jack-O' by UN

Jack-O’ by UN

In a surprise announcement by ASW, the final Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator location test will be happening this weekend! While there aren’t that many balance changes this time around, there are quite a few cosmetic ones. If you look at the new Player’s Guild database, you will notice that every character’s mugshot has been revamped. It is mostly a combination of different shaders and facial expressions, but Elphelt’s is dramatically different. In fact, her entire portrait and sprite have been altered to reflect the events of Xrd’s story mode. It is slightly spoilerific, so I won’t post it here and will just link it instead. Some players have humorously pointed out how similar she looks to Kantai Collection’s Abyssal Fleet vessels. There have also been a number of voice changes. Jack-O’ and Johnny finally have voices, and because Slayer’s previous voice actor Iemasa Kayumi passed away recently, he is now voiced by Takaya Hashi. Many people will remember him for his role as Toki in Hokuto no Ken. You can read more details on the location test changes translated into English on greatfernman’s Evernote here.

Kurushii has done some rips from the new Revelator Player’s Guild website, and you can see them below.
Johnny shop palettes 1-11
Jack-O’ shop palettes 1-11
Ramlethal shop palettes 1-11
Elphelt shop palettes 1-11

Media coverage of Xrd’s final location test has been surprisingly light. I have not seen any articles and videos whatsoever, and only a few pictures and tweets. Regardless, if there are articles published I will post them here throughout the week.

Toshin Gekitotsu’s 4th online qualifier has concluded! Like the last time it was dual streamed on Nico and Youtube, and after a bit of a delay the archives are finally available on ASW’s official Youtube channel. You can watch the videos below:

2015/7/31 Toshin Gekitotsu 4th online qualifier with FAB commentary
Progamer Allied Forces
13:28 Yuusukechin(Chipp) vs Gazou(Faust)
16:14 Dogura(Sin) vs Gagakigo(Millia)
19:31 Kabegiwa no DC(Sin) vs Mugen(Sol)
24:43 Dogura(Sin) vs Gazou(Faust)
30:22 Dogura(Sin) vs Mugen(Sol)
35:44 Gazou(Faust) vs Mugen(Sol)

Guilty Gear Kings Army
56:04 OGYUI(Sol) vs Kiisha(Faust)
1:00:02 GAKU(Sin) vs Kaze no Biri(Sol)
1:02:32 Samitto(Chipp) vs Konsome(Potemkin)
1:06:02 NOB(Sol) vs JUN(Millia)
1:10:11 GAKU(Sin) vs Kiisha(Faust)
1:15:00 Samitto(Chipp) vs NOB(Sol)
1:23:11 Samitto(Chipp) vs Kiisha(Faust)

There will be one more online qualifier happening on 8/9. The current lineups are now:
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol)

You might notice that I removed Ogawa from Daigo’s team. The Toshin Gekitotsu website states that the EVO winner should have a spot on Daigo’s team, but he is still not listed on there so it is possible that they meant one of the top8 finalists instead. Anyway, I will update the lineups when the official announcement is made.

Guilty Gear returns to Evolution 2015 by Kannuki

Guilty Gear returns to Evolution 2015 by Kannuki

Another Evolution Championships has come and gone, but this year was very special because Guilty Gear was on the main lineup! The last time GG was a main EVO game was 2009, so this is a momentous return after 6 years and two different iterations. I don’t really have much to say here since I could not make it, but it was a fantastic tournament and definitely worth watching. You can watch the archives of pools on srkevo3 and srkevo6. Unfortunately archives were not enabled on Friday, so only pools footage from Saturday is available. I will update this post with the Youtube links if they ever get put up. There is a chance that they may not though, so if there is something that you really liked, be sure to save it before Twitch removes the archives. For the top 8 matches on stage, you can watch these on srkevo1 or the official EVO Youtube channel.

EVO 2015 Guilty Gear Xrd Top 8
1st – Ogawa(Zato)
2nd – Nage(Faust)
3rd – Woshige(Millia)
4th – Nakamura(Millia)
5th – Dogura(Sin)
5th – Rion(Ky)
7th – Shuuto(Axl)
7th – Zidane(Leo)

There was also a Guilty Gear Xrd 3on3 side tournament that became something much bigger when ASW announced it would be an Arc Revo Cup qualifier! Unfortunately a lot of people could not enter due to a last minute announcement that passports would be required. It was streamed on the Madcatz Twitch channel and is available on Youtube on Offcast’s channel.
EVO 2015 Arc Revolution Cup Guilty Gear Xrd Qualifiers Top 4

Since I’m so late in writing about this you have probably seen it everywhere by now, but if not, a hilarious moment happened during EVO Guilty Gear Top 8 that became an instant highlight. During Woshige and Ogawa’s 3rd match in top 8, Woshige won a round and mistakenly thought that he had won the entire match and celebrated early, only to come back too late and lose the 3rd round in a flash. It’s been affectionately dubbed the “Woshige Drop” by the Japanese community and has actually been featured on ESPN and USA Today! Definitely a first for Guilty Gear, and for fighting games in general.

For many of the Japanese GG players, EVO was their first time coming to America so they have written up some fairly lengthy impressions. They have been translated into English by various people, and I have listed them below.
Ogawa 4gamer interview

The third online qualifier for Toshin Gekitotsu happened today! It is possible that because of EVO, Arc System Works is paying more attention to their overseas audience, because this qualifier was dual streamed on Nico and Youtube! The archives are now available to watch on ASW’s official Youtube channel.
2015/7/25 Toshin Gekitotsu 3rd online qualifier with Nage commentary
Progamer Allied Forces
20:55 Ain(Ky) vs Gazou(Faust)
25:36 Dogura(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)
29:13 Kabegiwa no DC(Sin) vs Mugen(Sol)
33:37 Ain(Ky) vs Roi(Sol)
40:49 Ain(Ky) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)
51:00 Kabegiwa no DC(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)

Guilty Gear Kings Army
1:05:40 Gonzaburou(Faust) vs Samitto(Chipp)
1:10:30 Riiba(Sol) vs Kiisha(Faust)
1:14:05 Koichi(I-No) vs OGYUI(Sol)
1:17:32 Yume no Ki(Leo) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)
1:20:51 Samitto(Chipp) vs Kiisha(Faust)
1:30:19 Koichi(I-No) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)
1:38:48 Kiisha(Faust) vs Koichi(I-No)

Now that the third qualifier is out of the way and with the EVO winner granted a spot on Umehara’s team, the current lineups are now:
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Ogawa(Zato), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol)

It’s looking like Progamer Allied Forces might win this exhibition, with Ogawa providing some serious muscle to their team.

Ramlethal Valentine by Sengoku AKY

Ramlethal Valentine by Sengoku AKY

The official Japanese Playstation blog has announced a special Guilty Gear Xrd event called Toshin Gekitotsu. It is a 10v10 exhibition between two teams: “Guilty Gear Kings Army” led by FAB Potemkin and Nage Faust, and “Progamer Allied Forces” led by Daigo Umehara! Daigo has not been active in Guilty Gear since the early days of XX Slash, so this will be his return after an almost 10 year absence. For both teams, 5 of the spots will be filled out through online qualifiers that are happening from July to August. In addition, one of the players of the winning team for this year’s Arc Revolution Cup will be on the Kings Army, and the winner of EVO 2015’s GG tourney will be on Progamer Allied Forces! The remaining spots have yet to be revealed. Two of the online qualifiers have already concluded, and you can watch them below:
2015/7/3 Toshin Gekitotsu 1st online qualifier with FAB commentary
2015/7/11 Toshin Gekitotsu 2nd online qualifier with Nage commentary

If you are worried that Daigo might be completely outclassed in this event, Machaboo has been teaching him the game on his Beast Channel nico community. Videos of these coaching sessions should be available if you poke around Nico.

Currently, the team lineups are
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman)

You may remember Takehara as the pad Ram player who got 2nd place at KSB!

Godsgarden 10 concluded a while ago, and I have put together a playlist of the archives on Youtube. The top 8 qualifiers starts on Part 5. Fantastic tournament, nothing much to say here.
Godsgarden 10 GGXrd tourney
1st – Samitto(Chipp)
2nd – Ain(Ky)
3rd – Ogawa(Zato)

You can read some articles that various gaming publications ran on Godsgarden below. The 4gamer article has a quick interview with Samitto after his victory. The winner also got the extra prize of having a guaranteed spot on the Arc Revolution Cup bracket, and Samitto revealed that he will be teaming with FAB Potemkin and Nakasu(aka LOX) Bedman.
4gamer GGXrd
4gamer BBCPEX
Famitsu GGXrd
Famitsu BBCPEX

If the I-No cosplayer looks familiar to you, it is because she has shown up in an ASW event in the past: Summit of Blazblue a few years ago, for BBCS Extend! She is Maya Tekumaku, and you can follow her at @kuma_maya

Jack-O' by Shingo

Jack-O’ by Shingo

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s second location test is happening this weekend! It looks like there are only minor changes for both Johnny and Jack-O’, but for system mechanics, Blitz Shield has been changed yet again. You might remember in the 1st location test, the option to hold down the HS Button to get a different Blitz followup was added. This is still true, but now the followup and properties change depend on how long the HS button is held down. If the HS button is just held down for a bit, then the followup just knocks the opponent away. However, if you hold down the button for even longer, your character flashes red, and the followup induces huge hitstun on the opponent, allowing for guaranteed combos. In addition, while your character is flashing red, you will autoguard both high and low attacks. However, the followup attack is quite slow, so the opponent can actually recover from Blitz Rejection fast enough to guard it. You can read more details of the second location test changes on greatfernman’s Evernote here.

Many game publications have been running articles on the location tests with cam videos! Since they definitely got permission to film these, you don’t have to worry about them getting taken down in the future. Famitsu has some short gameplay clips with Johnny and Jack-O’s intros and winposes, Dengeki actually shows off both character’s movesets, and 4gamer has Akira giving a live demonstration of the new characters and system mechanics.

The Godsgarden 10 voting poll has officially ended! Full results are below:

  1. FAB(Potemkin)*
  2. Efute(May)*
  3. Dogura(Sin)
  4. Ogawa(Zato)
  5. Koichi(I-No)
  6. LOX(Bedman)
  7. Nage(Faust)
  8. Kuni(Ramlethal)
  9. Daibakushou Kora(Millia)
  10. Nakamura(Millia)
  11. Kedako(May)
  12. Fino(Venom)
  13. Gazou(Faust)
  14. Mugen(Sol)
  15. Taka(Slayer)
  16. Samitto(Chipp)

FAB and Efute will now be guaranteed spots on the final top 8 bracket.

I will update this post throughout the weekend as more information from the second Revelator location test becomes available.