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Just a reminder that Leo Whitefang is coming out as a DLC character for the Japanese version of GGXrd on December 18th. Some official footage of him has finally been made available from 4gamer, where Pachi breaks down the character. Famitsu also has some sample combos as well as gameplay footage vs CPU Ky. Another 4gamer article has more details and screenshot on Leo as well as images of two upcoming sets of DLC palettes. Christmas themed palettes for every character will be available for free from December 18-24, and Playstation palettes will be available […]

A little late on reporting this, but Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has finally been released! The Japanese version came out on the 4th, and the US standard edition is supposed to come out on the 16th. But if you haven’t already heard, Gamestop announced that they are breaking the street date, so if you are still waiting on the US version, go get it now! Unfortunately the Limited Edition is still delayed to December 23rd. Currently, Elphelt is only out for 2 groups: Japanese pre-orders and Hong Kong digital. She will be out officially for […]

Only a week after the event, all of the videos from the 3rd Mikado Masters Series are up! This was a lot bigger than the 2nd one, since it didn’t conflict with another major event. Great to see AC+R still get some representation. 2014/11/22 Day 1 Singles tourney 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXrd 11月22日 ミカマス 日本シリーズ 個人戦 その1 Youtube playlist 3on3 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXrd 11月22日 ミカマス 日本シリーズ 固定3ON その1 Youtube playlist 2014/11/23 Day 2 Ladies only 3on3 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXrd 11月23日 ミカマス 日本シリーズ レディース大会 1 Newcomers tourney with Beginner level restriction 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXrd 11月23日 ミカマス 新人戦 初級者大会 その1 Newcomers tourney […]