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After a long drought of information regarding the imminent Accent Core Plus re-release in the summer, we finally get a bunch of official announcements today!  The re-release will have a new title of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, and most importantly, it will have balance changes!  ArcSys has also updated the Japanese Guilty Gear homepage with the logo of this re-release, and some of the character specific changes are listed on the individual character pages.  Someone will probably translate all of them soon, so stay tuned for that.  Location tests for the new […]

I’m not sure how I missed this batch of videos, but Kaiji Tang has uploaded yet another set of the Skullgirls voice actresses playing the game.  This time, they are joined by Charlotte Ann, the voice actress of Double.  Which means that the full cast of Skullgirls has finally been assembled!  They’re also joined by surprise guests Marianne Miller, who was the original voice of Peacock back in 2007, and LittleKuriboh, who you may remember as the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series!  He is also in character as Marik during his matches, which is […]

N-O vs Sweden!

Last weekend’s Destination Showdown was a great GG event, bringing out a lot of the top European players as well as the greatest Venom player ever, N-O from Japan!  Shinjin has been putting in work throughout the week, uploading some of the casual sets on his Youtube account.  He put up a ton of new footage today, featuring top Swedish players Xzi, Nehle, and Shinjin vs N-O!  This is easily a must watch for any Venom players. It’s kind of clear from this and recent footage(Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen and the a-cho 5on5) that N-O isn’t […]

Jonio put in some work today, uploading the rest of the 23on23, which completes all of the videos for the 1st day of Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen!  Day 1 was the most packed, as it had a grand total of 3 events: a Newcomers tourney, a Singles tourney, and the aforementioned 23on23 between Team FAB and Team Woshige.  You can see the 23on23 lineup here.  A lot of casuals before and after the 23on23 were recorded as well, mainly featuring Ruu Bridget running a train on everyone. Newcomers tourney Youtube playlist Singles tourney Youtube playlist Team […]

Woshige has been resurfacing in videos lately, with his great performance in the Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen event in Mikado and the following a-cho GGXXAC 5on5 the week after.  And recently, the GAMEacho Youtube account has given us a great treat in the form of nearly 5 hours of the post 5on5 GGXX casuals!  The second video is especially delicious, as it has an hour and a half of Woshige playing against Roi Sol, N-O Venom, and Nage Faust.  Top level play here, and required viewing for all Millia players.