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I don’t normally write about music related things here, but this is too cool to pass up.  英紅(Eiku) has done an amazing A capella rendition of the Persona 4 battle theme, reach out to the truth.  The video accompaniment has a nice mix of footage from the PS2 game and the anime. I never bothered looking up what the lyrics were to this song, so seeing them now for the 1st time is pretty funny.

Probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.  Some of you might know Chiaki Takahashi as voicing the very hot Litchi from Blazblue or everyone’s favorite idol Azusa Miura from Idolmaster.  Here she is on a talk show where the host and her both decide to have a panda sketching competition, with some hilarious results.


So, I know from Statcounter that my old site wasn’t very popular, but apparently it was enough to inspire someone else!  Project Rufus is a fansite for that character in Street Fighter IV made by a German player.  It seems like he followed the basic structure of my site and added his own personal touch to it.  Interestingly enough he’s also using my old graphics heavy WP theme, Mystique.  Man, I love that theme, but it has problems on older computers.  I wonder how you get from Millia to Rufus, though.  Those two have nothing […]

Hello, this is my first post here.  I am pleased to announce that my Millia fansite The Irony of Chaste has finally been moved over 100%! I suppose I should explain what happened.  The Irony of Chaste was originally hosted by HostWQ at  HostWQ was one of those rare free hosting services with an impressive array of features like FTP access, mySQL support and cpanel support.  However, it had its fair share of problems: the most prominent being that it was very slow.  This was a bit of a problem with my old site […]