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Jack-O by sowel

Jack-O by sowel

The Japanese version of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is out! Kum and Raven are included in the release, so if you cannot wait for the US release(which is coming out in a few days), be sure to get it now! If you need help learning a character, Dustloop is still recommended but nowadays it seems that most of the discussion has moved to Discord. The list of available Guilty Gear related Discord channels can be accessed here.

I talked about the Youdeal Battlemania exhibitions in the previous post, and although they were pay per view, 2djazz has been able to restream them on Twitch! There are lots of great matches here, so be sure to watch the archives before they reach the month deadline.
Kansai vs Kanto 5v5 exhibition
Ruu(May) vs FAB(Potemkin)
Tomo(Leo) vs Hase(Slayer)
Susumu(Chipp) vs Machabo(Sin)
Omito(Johnny) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
Dogura(Sin) vs Ogawa(Zato)

Youdeal League Day 1
Dogura(Sin) vs Omito(Johnny)
Machaboo(Sin) vs Isamu(Venom)
Tomo(Leo) vs Dogura(Sin)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Susumu(Chipp)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Omito(Johnny)
Tomo(Leo) vs Susumu(Chipp)

Since a lot of the Kansai players were in the Kanto area for the Youdeal Kanto vs Kansai event, Mikado also held their own series of FT3 exhibitions! They are up on Jonio’s Youtube.
En(Slayer) vs Tomo(Leo)
Roi(Sol) vs Susumu(Chipp)
Ain(Ky) vs Omito(Johnny)
Ruu(May) vs Isamu(Venom)
Hase(Slayer) vs Woshige(Millia)
Omito(Johnny) vs Nage(Faust)

Millia Rage by Yoshitake

Millia Rage by Yoshitake

The Mikado teespring campaign has relaunched! It already met its initial goal, meaning that they were able to use the funds to fly in some of the Mikado regulars to Evo for Guilty Gear. With its relaunch, the funds will now be used to help upgrade Jonio’s stream equipment. There were some brief instances in the past where Jonio experimented with higher quality streaming, like 720p during the Plus R era and super high bitrates during early Xrd. But his internet and computer could not handle it for long, so it was always back to 360p. But now this is a chance for a regularly scheduled Japanese HD GG stream to become a reality, so please order a shirt if you have not done so already!

You may remember the Hase vs mike FT7 exhibition set that 2djazz helped organize last month. Well, he has been organizing even more exhibitions at Mikado recently, perhaps as a way to help train the players for Evolution 2016. There are a bunch of players coming, even more than last year. Anyway, these following matches are all great watches for anyone who plays the respective characters. These also have English commentary as a bonus!
2016/4/16 310(Venom) vs Jonio(Johnny)
2016/5/7 Karinchu(Johnny) vs Nakamura(Millia)
2016/5/14 Machaboo(Sin) vs Nage(Faust)
2016/5/21 En(Slayer) vs Mugen(Sol)
2016/5/21 Rion(Ky) vs Endou(Chipp)

A special GGXrd Revelator exhibition series, Battlemania, has been organized by YOUDEAL to help promote the upcoming console release. You can watch the PV on Nico here. Starting on 5/28, there will be a Kanto vs Kansai 5on5 exhibition, featuring:
1. Ruu(May) vs FAB(Potemkin)
2. Tomo(Leo) vs Hase(Slayer)
3. Susumu(Chipp) vs Machabo(Sin)
4. Omito(Johnny) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
5. Dogura(Sin) vs Ogawa(Zato)
Unfortunately, it looks like the stream will be pay-per-view, but maybe someone will find a way to rip it.

Millia Rage by Shunzou

Millia Rage by Shunzou

Woshige has been absent from pretty much all Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- footage, perhaps because of his work in being the battle director for Street Fighter V. But this week that all changed, because he traveled to the Kanto region and got a bunch of recorded matches in! Even if you don’t play Millia, these matches are a great watch as you can learn so much about how to play against this character. Especially in the Woshige vs Mocchi set, you can really see how the matches are determined by the neutral game interaction.

First up, the Mikado matches.

He showed up to the 4/21 singles tournament, and got to grand finals!
Mikado 2016/4/21 singles tourney
Part 1 2 3 4

Mikado 2016/4/21 Woshige(MI) matches
Woshige(Millia) vs Kakishi(Jack-O), TORI(Jack-O), Moga(Slayer), Suke(Elphelt), min(Jack-O)

Mikado 2016/4/22 Mugen(Sol) vs Woshige(Millia) 1 2

Joined the 4/30 3on3 tournament, and teamed up with Karinchu who also decided to play Millia.
Mikado 2016/4/30 3on3
Part 1 2 3 4

Mame also put up a bunch of Woshige matches on his Youtube account, against more Mikado regulars.
Woshige(Millia) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
Haaken(Sol) vs Woshige(Millia) 1 2
Ain(Ky) vs Woshige(Millia)

Jack-O by Hesuke

Jack-O by Hesuke

Some more details on the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- preorder have popped up! You may remember the Aksys announcement that those who pre-order the PS4 version will get to play the demo on April 5th. Well it turns out that Japanese preorders will also get access to this exact same demo! The difference is that the Japanese version will be available on April 1st, so if you really cannot wait those 4 days to try out Revelator, I would recommend going this route.

Since this is going to be the first opportunity for people outside Japan to play Revelator, I thought I would include some useful videos for anyone who wants to pick up the new characters. First up, I have finally updated the Notable Japanese Players page for Revelator so it now includes the 3 new characters along with the strong players who have shown up recently. If you are interested in playing Jack-O or Johnny, you are in luck! These two characters are very popular and quite strong, so there is no shortage of videos. mike and Karinchu are the two players who show up the most and it should be very easy to find match videos of them on Youtube. I would also recommend watching the Mikado Tenkaichi Budokai series, which featured several FT10 sets with these two players against the other Mikado top dogs.
A League
mike(Jack-O) vs Nage(Faust)
Karinchu(Johnny) vs Nage(Faust)
Koichi(I-No) vs Nage(Faust)
Karinchu(Johnny) vs Koichi(I-No)
mike(Jack-O) vs Koichi(I-No)
Karinchu(Johnny) vs mike(Jack-O)

B League
Mugen(Sol) vs FAB(Potemkin)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Mugen(Sol)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Fino(Venom)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Fino(Venom)
Mugen(Sol) vs Fino(Venom)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Ogawa(Zato)

Losers league
FAB(Potemkin) vs Nage(Faust)
27:24 mike(Jack-O) vs Ogawa(Zato)
51:32 Ogawa(Zato) vs Nage(Faust)

Final league
Karinchu(Johnny) vs Ogawa(Zato)
Mugen(Sol) vs Ogawa(Zato)
Karinchu(Johnny) vs Mugen(Sol)

For more Jack-O, I would also recommend watching Purepure’s excellent performance in the Sega APM D-1 Fighting Festival event.

Unfortunately people who want to pick up Jam are going to have a harder time. Videos of her are quite rare. I think the best one right now features Jajamaru playing against several players including Isamu Venom. There is also a long set of LOX playing against Samitto. He does poorly at first, but eventually adapts and goes even.
Mikado 2015/12/5 stream – LOX(Jam) vs Samitto(Chipp)
Funabashi 2015/12/18 – LOX(Jam) vs Samitto(Chipp) 1 2 3 4 5

Jack-O and Chaos by Wallace Pires

Jack-O and Chaos by Wallace Pires

Starting off this post with 2 announcements, the 2015 Videos page has finally been brought up to date with all of the relevant Guilty Gear Xrd videos. The second announcement is that I will no longer be keeping the Videos section of this site up to date. My work schedule has been as busy as ever, and I find myself with increasingly less time to work on this site. Since keeponrockin is now well maintained by several community members, I feel it is much more productive to just point people that way for a big Revelator archive. So yes, Norematch is still the best Guilty Gear video archive site on the net for anything up to Xrd, but for Revelator and beyond, please use keeponrockin! This way I can finally focus on adding more pages and bringing the other content up to date.

Last weekend, the Japan e-Sports Championship Finals happened and as further evidence that Guilty Gear is getting bigger every day, it was part of the lineup! Weird to see along the likes of CS:GO and FIFA 16. Anyways, since it was a console tournament, it was on Xrd Sign and not Revelator, but the matches were still fantastic with tons of great players attending. Machaboo was also there playing Ky and Sin!
GGXrd JeSPA Tournament

The console version of GGXrd Revelator is getting ever closer to release! The Japanese consumer Rev page is already up and has several video links including exhibition matches between the two new console characters Raven and Kum Haehyun.
LOX(Jam) vs FAB(Potemkin)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Nage(Faust)
Mugen(Sol) vs Machaboo(Ky)

Raven vs Kum exhibition
Ogawa, Mugen, LOX vs Nage, Machaboo, FAB

Aksys Games has announced a special deal for those planning on getting the US version. Pre-ordering the PS4 digital version will give you some free colors and access to the Revelator demo, which will be available on April 5th! Unlike the Xrd Sign demo, the Revelator demo is super fleshed out and is almost the complete game. It has an arcade mode, training mode, challenges, and vs mode! It is basically tournament ready. It does not however include the upcoming characters Raven, Kum Haehyun, and Dizzy.

Speaking of the two new characters, Pachi has done some introductory videos of them and greatfernman has provided translations, available below!
Kum Haehyun introduction Translation
Raven introduction Translation