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Jack-O' by Shingo

Jack-O’ by Shingo

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s second location test is happening this weekend! It looks like there are only minor changes for both Johnny and Jack-O’, but for system mechanics, Blitz Shield has been changed yet again. You might remember in the 1st location test, the option to hold down the HS Button to get a different Blitz followup was added. This is still true, but now the followup and properties change depend on how long the HS button is held down. If the HS button is just held down for a bit, then the followup just knocks the opponent away. However, if you hold down the button for even longer, your character flashes red, and the followup induces huge hitstun on the opponent, allowing for guaranteed combos. In addition, while your character is flashing red, you will autoguard both high and low attacks. However, the followup attack is quite slow, so the opponent can actually recover from Blitz Rejection fast enough to guard it. You can read more details of the second location test changes on greatfernman’s Evernote here.

Many game publications have been running articles on the location tests with cam videos! Since they definitely got permission to film these, you don’t have to worry about them getting taken down in the future. Famitsu has some short gameplay clips with Johnny and Jack-O’s intros and winposes, Dengeki actually shows off both character’s movesets, and 4gamer has Akira giving a live demonstration of the new characters and system mechanics.

The Godsgarden 10 voting poll has officially ended! Full results are below:

  1. FAB(Potemkin)*
  2. Efute(May)*
  3. Dogura(Sin)
  4. Ogawa(Zato)
  5. Koichi(I-No)
  6. LOX(Bedman)
  7. Nage(Faust)
  8. Kuni(Ramlethal)
  9. Daibakushou Kora(Millia)
  10. Nakamura(Millia)
  11. Kedako(May)
  12. Fino(Venom)
  13. Gazou(Faust)
  14. Mugen(Sol)
  15. Taka(Slayer)
  16. Samitto(Chipp)

FAB and Efute will now be guaranteed spots on the final top 8 bracket.

I will update this post throughout the weekend as more information from the second Revelator location test becomes available.

Jack-O' by Sumi

Jack-O’ by Sumi

The Godsgarden homepage updated today so we now have more details of the upcoming Guilty Gear Xrd tournament! Since it is an invitational tournament, players can vote for who they want to see play. Whether it means the winning player will be guaranteed to be at the tournament or a guaranteed spot on the Top8 bracket remains to be seen. In any case, you can vote for your favorite players on the Godsgarden page. It is an open poll, so players are free to add themselves to the list. The poll will run all the way to June 19, and everyone can cast 5 different upvotes and 1 downvote every day.

I have translated the current lineup of players on the poll below, as well as their favorite anime listed! A somewhat random question to ask, but I guess Godsgarden is aware of their core audience. I will be updating this post constantly throughout the week as more players add themselves to the lineup.

Player Character Favorite anime
Efute May Mahoujin Guru Guru
Gedou Meroko I-No Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
310 Venom Ghost in the Shell
2rio I-No Yowamushi Pedal
Koichi I-No Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)
Chappu Chipp Boku dake ga Inaimachi
Taka Slayer Log Horizon
LOX Bedman Love Live
Ogawa Zato White Album
Sharon Elphelt Ninja Slayer
Isa Elphelt Dragonball
Hohiko Ramlethal Chargeman Ken!
Kedako May s-CRY-ed
Satou Millia Psycho Pass
Fino Venom Komasan
Gazou Faust Cowboy Bebop
Dogura Sin Cowboy Bebop
NOB Sol Eureka Seven, Cowboy Bebop, Uta no Prince-sama
Tanabata Slayer Witchblade
Mugen Sol Bonobono
Daibakushou Kora Millia Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Rion Ky
Samitto Chipp
J.T Sin White Album 2
Hasegawa I-No Victory Gundam
Kuni Ramlethal Shirobako
Ain Ky Welcome to the NHK!
Minami Chipp Infinite Stratos
FAB Potemkin G Gundam
Nage Faust Baccano!
Nakamura Millia Baccano!
Day Elphelt .hack//SIGN


Ramlethal Valentine by tetsu

Ramlethal Valentine by tetsu

The next installment of Guilty Gear Xrd, Revelator, has been announced! Location tests will be happening all throughout this weekend. 2 new characters have been announced: the first is fan favorite and series staple Johnny! He has unfortunately lost a lot of his signature moves from the XX series including Ensenga, Killer Joker, and Jackhound. But many of his normals have been changed, and he now has air Mist Finers(and air mist cancels), a new special called Zweihander(which is kind of like Divine Blade and Ensenga in one move), and a new super called Treasure Hunt. Like the name suggests, Treasure Hunt replenishes his coins.

The second character is a newcomer named Jack-O’. Like her name suggests, she has a pumpkin attached to her like a ball and chain, and wears a mask that makes her face look like a pumpkin carving. She is apparently That Man’s mysterious 3rd servant in the story. She appears to be a defensive, zoning character. Daisuke Ishiwatari has stated in a Famitsu interview that her playstyle has RTS elements in it, specifically the ones used in Guilty Gear 2 Overture. So it will be interesting to see how she develops.

The latest Famitsu has some information about the two new characters, and Kurushii has provided high resolution scans that you can view here and here. There is also additional information and images available in Famitsu’s online articles.
Famitsu 1
Famitsu 2

Other than new characters, no new balance changes will be made(for the location tests at least), but there are some system additions. You can see the details in the Revelator playing manual posted on the official GGXrd homepage.

  • Graphics have been revamped, with additional effects like rim lights and upgrades to the character shaders
  • Characters now take visible battle damage, like dirt and clothes ripping
  • Throw breaks have been added to the game once again! No information is available on how big the break window is, though.
  • Blitz Shield can now be charged by holding down the HS button, which increases its duration. Releasing HS after a successful blitz triggers an attack that staggers on hit and regenerates a significant amount of the Burst meter.
  • Cinematic overdrives can be powered up by inputting the exact same command, but with the D button instead. This uses up a burst and increases the damage dealt from the super.
  • The 5d horizontal followup now has a cinematic, which changes some corner combos and also makes new midscreen combos possible
  • The Technical/Stylish system from BlazBlue has been added. Stylish characters have simplified inputs for specials and autocombos but access to less system mechanics and options. In addition, keeping the joystick at neutral will make your character automatically block everything.

Godsgarden has announced the game lineup of their 10th major event, and it is Guilty Gear Xrd and Blazblue CP Extend! Xrd will be happening on June 27th. You can expect everything to be streamed on the Godsgarden Twitch channel and Nico community, so mark your calendars!

Here are a list of sites that are running articles on the Xrd Revelator location tests. Definitely check this out if you want to see more images of the new characters in action.
Inside Games
Famitsu 1
Famitsu 2
Dengeki 1
Dengeki 2

Blade has also posted a rough translation of the Daisuke interview in the 4gamer article right here, which has a lot of information about Jack-O’, Johnny, and the system changes!

I will update this post throughout the week with more article links as information from the location tests come through.

The Sharon vs Ogawa first to 10 exhibition was streamed by H.H on his Nico community and Twitch channel yesterday, and he has already uploaded it to Youtube for those who missed it! You can watch it below:

Sharon(Elphelt) vs Ogawa(Zato)

In addition, H.H interviewed both players before their exhibition, and asked them their opinion of the Xrd 1.10 character rankings. I have transcribed their lists below, and you can read more details on specific character comments on greatfernman’s Twitter translated to English!

Ogawa’s tier list, more comments
S Sol Millia Zato Axl Faust Sin Elphelt
A Ky May Chipp I-No Bedman Leo
B Venom Slayer Ramlethal
C Potemkin

Sharon’s tier list, more comments
S Sol Millia Zato Axl Faust I-No Sin Elphelt
A Ky May Chipp Venom Slayer Bedman Leo
B Ramlethal
C Potemkin

Minor updates

Ramlethal Valentine by Taro

Ramlethal Valentine by Taro

I know that updates have been scarce here since Version 1.10 of Xrd dropped for arcades, as I’ve been busy. But today I have brought the 2015 Videos page up to date with the most current footage! The page has also been divided in two segments for Version 1.04 and 1.10 to make it easy to distinguish. Finally, I have also updated the Notable Players page and added Sin, Elphelt, and Leo.

In other news, H.H is going to be streaming a first to 10 exhibition match set between Ogawa Zato and Sharon Elphelt on the 22nd! If you are living in the US, that is going to be happening very late on Thursday night. It should be dual streamed on his Nico community and Twitch channel.