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In another unprecedented move, Day 1 of the second Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R location test will actually be streamed on ustream today!  There is no announcement as to what time they will start, so just periodically check the link or Twitter if you don’t want to miss it.

The complete list of system and character changes for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R is up!  You can find it at the official Guilty Gear homepage in .pdf format.  If the site is getting hammered right now, it has also been mirrored on filestorage.  52 pages worth of changes!  Who would have thought so many adjustments would be made! So far, various members of the community are translating the changes in different places, so it’s a bit difficult to find them nicely compiled into one place.  Shinjin has been doing what he can […]

It’s been relatively dry in Guilty Gear news the past few weeks, but things have gotten interesting again with the announcement of a second wave of location tests for Accent Core Plus R!  Perhaps spurred on by numerous complaints of laggy setups the first time around, this event will be held at Club Sega Shinjuku on the weekend of June 30th, aka this weekend!  Arcsys Yamanaka has also tweeted that a complete list of system and character changes will be posted on the official website before the location tests, which is unprecedented as far as […]

Jonio has been an upload fiend the entire weekend, and thanks to him we now have all of the videos for Day 2 of Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen!  Day 2 was very cool, featuring a 3on3 tournament that saw the return of some of the old school GG players like BLEED.  It also had a set of 9 exhibition matches between top players of the Kansai and Kanto region, which were all apparently suggested by the Nico live stream and picked at the end by Inoue! 3on3 tourney Youtube playlist Kansai vs Kanto FT3 Exhibition matches […]

This is gonna be a very crazy weekend for Guilty Gear, as the Accent Core Plus R location tests will be going on the whole time!  For the English speakers, the Dustloop thread has been getting frequently updated with changes translated from the Japanese GG BBS and various player’s Twitter accounts.  For the Japanese speakers, has made a glorious return, and this post has been compiling all of the data taken from Twitter posts of top GG players.  There are also several links to said Twitter accounts so that you can keep yourself updated! […]