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The Guilty Gear Xrd 1.10 patch is out in arcades, and as usual Mikado has provided the best footage with a slew of special events they held on its release weekend! A lot of players who have absent from Mikado for a long time came out for these events, like Isa, Fumo, Sharon, and Fino. 2015/3/19 Mikado Day 1 3on3 2015/3/21 Mikado 5on5 2015/3/22 Mikado Same Character Team tourney In addition, I have also made a new playlist for Mikado stream casual highlights for Version 1.10. Speaking of Mikado, anybody who has been following GG […]

So Guilty Gear Xrd Version 1.10 comes out tomorrow, and I felt inspired to write this after seeing some random tier discussions on my timeline. I have posted many of the notable character rankings made for this game before, and there should also be a compilation topic on Dustloop. Anyway, the most recent is Woshige’s tier list for the console version, which is the only one that has Leo somewhere. As usual, there is no difference in ranking going horizontally. S Zato Millia Faust Ramlethal Elphelt A Sol Ky Chipp I-No B May Venom Bedman […]

Apologies for the lack of updates, I have been busy with a lot of things recently. Just wanted to announce that the 2014 Videos page for Guilty Gear is officially done, and I have also brought the 2015 Videos page up to date! Admittedly I have been slacking on this page because of how great is. The next update to Guilty Gear Xrd, Version 1.10, is coming out to arcades on March 19! It will bring over the 3 formerly console exclusive characters Sin, Elphelt, and Leo over to arcades and provide a general […]