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The newest edition of Friday Night Friday Skullgirls on GameTrailers has some cool stuff on display, featuring Sanchez playing solo Parasoul vs Render playing solo Valentine!  It’s a very close match, with each round going down to the wire.  Sanchez’s Parasoul is really good, but the real highlight is in Valentine, as there’s a bunch of new stuff that wasn’t shown in last week’s FNF. First off, her cinematic Level 3 super gets used here, and it is glorious.  Izuna Drops are always hype.  You also get to see her syringe projectile get used to […]

The next 3on3 footage in the Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP series for MBAACC is up!  This time, the event was held at Game Magna Max arcade in Kawagoe on January 21st.  Sadly, commentary wasn’t able to be recorded, but that didn’t stop them from getting post match interviews with the winners at the end of the final video!  Good matches all around, and it’s also a great display of H-Ciel, a character rarely seen in competitive play. Videos after the break!

And the Kanto region starts its Saikyou Ketteisen 3on3 series just a week after Kansai!  For Kanto, this is actually the 5th year they’re doing it.  Gilette made a nice 22 minute announcement video of the event, outlining its roughly 3 month schedule.  You can find more information and the complete schedule on the official site here. Anywho, the first tournament in the series was on January 14, held at Takadanobaba Mikado.  The whole tournament was actually streamed, but unfortunately it was on Nico so the archives are not publicly available.  So only Top 4 […]

The Skullgirls crew has a great treat in store for us today with the latest edition of Friday Night Fights on GameTrailers, featuring Dyselon playing Cerebella/Filia and Jason D playing solo Valentine.  This is the first HD match footage we have of Valentine, and she is pretty awesome. She uses her own version of the Body Replacement Technique(something you see in a lot of ninja fiction), disappearing and leaving behind a medical bag when ground teching.  It seems that the build used in this video is newer than the one displayed at SoCal Regionals, because […]

After a bit of delay, Painwheel’s official character trailer is finally out!  Kind of surprising that her theme is the Maplecrest BGM.  Her character page on the official Skullgirls website has also been updated to credit her voice actress. In other Skullgirls news, the videos for Top 8 from the Skullgirls tournament at SoCal Regionals are being put up on Gametrailers.  The level of play isn’t amazing, which is understandable since the game isn’t even out yet.  So that’s the main reason I haven’t been posting about them here.  With that said, I still think […]