Jack-O' by 8055

Jack-O’ by 8055

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is finally out in arcades! With a new game comes a new batch of information and footage. First up, 4gamer ran a Revelator article that includes two lengthy videos with Pachi breaking down the two new characters Johnny and Jack-O’ and going through the new system mechanics. Definitely a good watch if you are not clear on what has changed in the new version.

The ASW Revelator pre-release stream that I talked about in the previous two posts happened, and they held a tourney with the ArcSys employees! While the level of play was not that great, Ogawa made a special guest appearance at the end and played some exhibition matches. Youtube user Fahadouken has archived the entire stream on his account, and you can watch it below. Ogawa shows up at around the 2 hour 30 min mark.
ASW GGXrd -REVELATOR- Pre-release special

The special announcement that they promised during the pre-release stream ended up being more information about the next character! Specifically, the next character will be determined by in game voting. In the arcade version of Xrd Revelator, players can use the World Dollars that they’ve earned by beating arcade mode to vote for the character they want to see next. ASW just announced the list of candidates that are available to vote on, which includes characters from Accent Core Plus R who have not yet made it into Xrd. So that is Baiken, Testament, Anji, Dizzy, Bridget, Zappa, Robo Ky, Order Sol, A.B.A, Kliff, and Justice. In addition, the list includes characters from Guilty Gear 2 and Petit! So that is Izuna, the original Valentine, Dr. Paradigm, Raven, and Fanny. It is a really cool idea, but I think a lot of people expect it to be a toss up between Bridget and Dizzy due to their popularity.

Here is some day 1 match footage from various arcades. I will update this post periodically as more videos become available.
Sega Nishinaka singles tourney
Sega Nishinaka freeplay
Sasashima Leisureland casuals
a-cho casuals
Mikado 3on3 tourney

Jonio also worked very quickly and made a Johnny primer for people interested in learning him.
Basic combos