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a-cho has finally put up all the videos from their special 3 day event for Guilty Gear’s 12th anniversary in arcades! Since there are a TON of videos in this post, I have placed them after the jump.

Not much of a surprise here, but Leo Whitefang was officially announced to be a DLC character in Famitsu last week! You can see more details about his character profile in this magazine scan by Kurushii or on Famitsu’s website. The article also has more screenshots of the console features. You can see that there are 64-player world lobbies just like BBCP’s. Another cool thing is that there will be DLC for system voice announcers! Some sample quotes are shown, which confirm that all of the voice actors do the system voices in-character, which is […]

Character strength

Here is something different to change up the pace. The majority of my posts here have purely been about Guilty Gear, and only occasionally have I talked about other fighting games. So this is the first in maybe a series of posts about general fighting game stuff. Anyway, I was looking through my old bookmarks the other day and was really inspired after stumbling upon the Dustloop GGAC Tier List thread. Dustloop nowadays is godawful, but this series of posts was made in a time when people were a lot more concerned about getting out […]

Jonio has announced the next Mikado Masters event, and it is actually coming up soon! It will be happening on the weekend of November 22, and will be a 3 day event. I have a feeling that the quick announcement was due to the previous Mikado Masters having such a poor turnout. It was on the weekend of October 11, which conflicted with a-cho’s Guilty Gear 12 anniversary special event. So, many of the top Kanto players ended up going to a-cho instead. Anyway, the schedule so far is: 11/22: GGXrd singles, 3on3 tournament 11/23: […]