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Now that AC+R has been out for a while, I figure I should come out of my cave again and post the complete change list for Millia.  The only other English language change list is sourced from the 2nd location test, so this should be more up to date.  Everything here is taken from Millia’s ACR changes page in the Japanese GGXX Wiki, which as of this date was last updated on October 9th. Basic changes Backdash invulnerability down from 7f->5f Can now back air dash cancel New moves j.2h: return of the Milliacopter j.214k: […]

The November 2012 issue of Arcadia magazine which came out this month(they’re always a month ahead) has a big section devoted to Accent Core Plus R! As expected, it has an overview of the two new characters Justice and Kliff, but somewhat surprisingly it also has a tier list made by the Arcadia editorial department. You can see the page with the list here. AC+R was only out in arcades for about 2 weeks at the time of the magazine’s publication.. S Jam Slayer Robo Kliff A Eddie Chipp Venom I-No Zappa Order-Sol Justice B […]

Recently I’ve been slacking on keeping the various Guilty Gear video pages up to date, so today I have brought them up to date with the latest Accent Core Plus R footage. In particular, the 2012 Videos page now has a horizontal line dividing the Accent Core footage from the Plus R stuff, and the Compilation Videos page now has a new section dedicated to Megalodon’s new series of Mikado casual AC+R footage. I have also added a new page in the Videos section, 2001-2006 videos. Since most of the pre Accent Core footage has […]