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Recently, a user on Dustloop e-mailed ArcSys about the release date of the US PSN version of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. They got back to him, and basically confirmed that it has been pushed back to a December release. This is sad news, and I’m not entirely sure what is causing the delay. I held off on getting the JP PSN version because I wanted to support the US release, but I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and get the JP PSN points this week. In other news, some members […]

Inoue Kliff at Mikado

Back when AC+R first got released, Inoue mentioned on his Twitter that he was interested in playing Kliff. And it seems we finally have some footage of it in the newest Mikado sets! He is featured in Volume 39 of Megalodon’s Mikado casual matches compilation, which you can see in the Compilation Videos page. He also shows up in the 11/15 Mikado singles tourney under the alias Kyoukyarachu and in the 11/17 3on3 tourney as his more widely known Street Fighter name, Kazunoko: you can see these in the 2012 Videos page. Inoue briefly alluded […]

Recently, the people over at the Japanese GGXX BBS have put together a matchup diagram for Accent Core Plus R! Each of the character threads were asked to make a matchup list for their respective characters, and the data was compiled into one chart. There was also some kind of adjustment done to the numbers if there were disagreements on certain matchups(the Johnny and Slayer threads disagreed on what the exact MU number was, for example). This is why the data is perfectly symmetrical in the chart. Anywho, this is the latest post containing a […]

Now that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is out on PS3 and XBox360, many new generation fighting game players can have a chance to play this game without the hassle of digging up PS2s and CRTs. Accent Core was made in an era before Street Fighter IV, so it had limited exposure. Thus, resources and information about the game are scarce, at least compared to all of the other newer fighting games made today. Resources are also scattered around the Internet, so they can be hard to keep in check! So I’d like for this […]