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GG is done

The Guilty Gear section is finally fully restored! The 2010 video page has been created and brought up to date, and I edited the 2009 page so that Youtube playlists are directly linked now instead of embedding them. Should be a lot more convenient to watch the videos this way.

Even more GG

Aaaaaaand the Guilty Gear videos from 2009 have been added. This video page is easily the biggest out of all of them, with lots of Nicovideo and Youtube links so give it some time to load before trying to scroll. 2009 was a pretty pivotal year for Guilty Gear. For one, the player base of the game took a hit all around the world with the release of BlazBlue in early 2009. Gamechariot, one of the most well known Japanese arcade websites, stopped including GG in their downloadable video sections later in the year. The […]

More GG

All of the GGXX AC videos from 2008 are up now. The Guilty Gear menu has also been turned into a drop down menu for easier navigation.

First post!

Hi everyone! This is the new Norematch site, now powered by WordPress instead of the outdated SSI and Coranto news code. The site desperately needed some reorganizing since the pages were getting too big. It is going to take some time to reconstruct the site and get all the content back up again. For now, all of the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core videos from 2007 are up, with a new download manager and database to boot as well. I hope everyone enjoys it.