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The Sharon vs Ogawa first to 10 exhibition was streamed by H.H on his Nico community and Twitch channel yesterday, and he has already uploaded it to Youtube for those who missed it! You can watch it below: Sharon(Elphelt) vs Ogawa(Zato) In addition, H.H interviewed both players before their exhibition, and asked them their opinion of the Xrd 1.10 character rankings. I have transcribed their lists below, and you can read more details on specific character comments on greatfernman’s Twitter translated to English! Ogawa’s tier list, more comments S Sol Millia Zato Axl Faust Sin […]

Minor updates

I know that updates have been scarce here since Version 1.10 of Xrd dropped for arcades, as I’ve been busy. But today I have brought the 2015 Videos page up to date with the most current footage! The page has also been divided in two segments for Version 1.04 and 1.10 to make it easy to distinguish. Finally, I have also updated the Notable Players page and added Sin, Elphelt, and Leo. In other news, H.H is going to be streaming a first to 10 exhibition match set between Ogawa Zato and Sharon Elphelt on […]

Much to everyone’s surprise, ArcSys announced that Guilty Gear Xrd’s Version 1.10 will be available on the Japanese console versions on 5/8, with the US version following the day after! This is probably the shortest we’ve ever had to wait for a new ASW patch. So we are no longer a version behind Japan. Last weekend a special international tournament called KSB happened over Japan’s national Golden Week holiday. For those who don’t know, KSB is a collaboration between KVO and the USA’s Team St1ckBuG. KVO started out as Japan’s only national Marvel vs Capcom […]