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Guilty Gear Xrd has been out for a while, and I’ve been wanting to write my impressions on the new Millia. Unfortunately, a mook has not yet been released and the Japanese wiki does not have a changelog available, so everything here comes from my notes from watching a lot of Xrd Millia videos cross referenced with Teyah’s dustloop thread.  These changes use AC+R as a reference point.  If an official changelog does get released, I will update this post accordingly. General changes Dash speed and acceleration are slower(universal) Jump and double jump are a […]

H.H continues his series of FT10 exhibition sets with some players from the Kansai region for a change! LOX Bedman and Isamu Venom are featured, who you may remember as the two who faced off in grand finals at the a-cho Pre Arc Revolution Cup. Normally, H.H dual streams on Nico and Twitch, but he appears to have forgotten to stream on Twitch this time. So I had to upload the Nico archive for the Youtube mirror, which is why the quality is noticeably worse than the previous FT10s. EDIT: H.H did a local recording […]

Ruu and Day recently had a very long set of May vs Ramlethal matches at Monte50 game center in Osaka! It is unfortunate that the god of Bridget can’t play his character in Xrd, but his May is no slouch. Day is an OG Testament player who was one of the few to continue playing that character in AC+R. He is now one of the top ranked Ramlethals. His name is also weird to romanize: it should technically be Di, but commentators always pronounce his name as “Dei”, and I’ve also seen him write his […]

H.H recently streamed a FT10 exhibition set on 6/8 between Nage and Nakamura! This is definitely the closest set that has been shown on his stream so far, so it’s a great watch especially if you play these characters. There were some great casual matches played after the exhibition, mostly with FAB. Famitsu also has an article up about these exhibition matches. Nage(Faust) vs Nakamura(Millia) Casual matches with Satou(Millia), Nage(Faust), FAB(Potemkin), Nakamura(Millia), JT(Bedman), Roi(Sol), H.H(Ramlethal), Ain(Ky)

MrTSUTAYA on Youtube has begun uploading footage of the GGXrd GGF event at Sega World, which featured many of the top Kansai players like Kedako, eki-chan, Rozu, Ruu, and Efute. Surprisingly, Kanto I-No player Hasegawa also showed up! There are a lot of videos in this post so you can see them after the break.