NOTE: If you would like to see the old version of this page that contains vanilla AC combos, click here.

Millia’s combos in Accent Core Plus R are much easier than they were in vanilla Accent Core. In AC, she was notorious for having ridiculously specific combos that had to be adjusted on the fly for every situation. In fact, she did not have a single combo that worked on 100% of the cast! Luckily, things are a lot simpler in this version because of two important changes:

  • The introduction of j.2h, which looks and functions very closely to her old helicopter j.h normal from GGX to XX #Reload
  • j.d getting a significantly increased startup time, making it impossible to be comboed into without pin or meter

These two changes serve to make her combos much more reliant on j.2h. Many of her combo difficulties in AC had to do with the finicky hitbox of j.d on several characters, so just having less of a reliance on this move makes things easier.

For people coming from GGXX #R, it is important to note that her j.2h does NOT have the same frame data as the old j.h. Even though j.2h has the same general effect of bringing down the opponent closer to the ground, it has much less untechable time. So she doesn’t get free helicopter knockdowns from every height.

Combo theory

The basic gist of Millia combos will involve launching the opponent and then knocking down with j.2h. She is one of the few characters in GG to have a built-in launcher with 2h, and she can also readily pick up air hits with other normals so this is a pretty simple thing to do. j.2h has fairly short untechable time, so the combos need to be adjusted so that the 3rd hit of j.2h helicopter connects as low as possible in the air. Millia’s unique air dash cancel ability is used to get this done, and is also very good for corner carry. The pin is extremely useful as an ender in combos, as it allows Millia to get knockdowns in situations where it would normally wouldn’t be possible.

Despite there being a big list, I don’t advocate memorizing big combos. I think it’s much more important to learn the specific properties on all of Millia’s normals, and gain an understanding of how her combos work from there. The reason for this is because all of the combos listed here start from common situations, like a successful disc mixup or a ground starter. Her combos that start from random air-to-air hits cannot be memorized and have to be made up on the spot, and how successful you are at making a combo that goes into a knockdown from that situation is really difficult and requires a solid understanding of her normals.

Important notes

There are multiple ways to end Millia’s combos, and they all change depending on:

  • how low the opponent is in the air
  • whether or not Millia has at least 25% meter
  • whether or not Millia has the pin available

Thus, instead of spelling out exactly how to end every combo, “ender” is written to show that it is up to you to decide how to finish it. The main enders are:

  • Nothing. Yes you read that correctly, nothing. If a combo is performed and positioned perfectly, the 3rd hit of j.2h should connect as low as possible in the air. This will provide an untechable knockdown, so no “ender” will be needed
  • j.214s into 6h/dash 6h. This is the standard and most consistent way to end a combo if the pin is available. After the pin connects, Millia will land, and there will be a choice of going for a raw 6h or a dashing 6b. Generally, if the combo count is low, a raw 6h will be used; if the combo count is high, a dashing 6h will be used. This is because as the # of hits increases in a combo, there is also an increase in the pushback of every hit. So a raw 6h will give Millia a very far knockdown, which is not very useful, while the dashing 6h will give Millia the close knockdown, which is what she wants. There are a number of things she can do after the 6h as well, and you can read more about that in the Okizeme section.
  • j.236p. If Millia is low in the air, but above the minimum height requirement for air specials, then a Bad Moon ender can be useful for giving a knockdown. Tends to be more consistent on heavier characters
  • Corner land (5s) 214s->214d 6h. Requires 25% meter! The 5s is in parentheses because it is optional and character specific. If at the end of a combo Millia will land a little bit before the opponent in the corner, then this ender is quite useful to give a knockdown. She will land first, and then either do 5s 214s or just a raw 214s into the FB Longinus(214d) followup. Longinus has a wallstick property in the corner, so it gives Millia ample time to throw out a 6h to give the knockdown.
  • j.236d 6h. Also requires 25% meter. This is definitely the least preferred ender, as it oftentimes gives a weak out-of-corner knockdown. Generally, if this ender is done far away from the corner, it will require Millia to do a dashing 6h, which will give a nice in-corner knockdown. If the ender is done close to the corner, no dashing 6h will be needed, but she’ll get an out-of-corner knockdown instead.

There are also a number of areas in her combos where a delay can be added to help give a knockdown. The most common areas are:

  • j.h delay AD j.2h. Because the startup of j.2h is quite fast, it can still connect even if the airdash cancel is delayed. This is extremely important, as delaying the airdash often causes the j.2h to start hitting the opponent lower in the air, which helps position the 3rd hit to connect as low as possible. In fact, in all of the combos listed here, you can just assume that there will be a delay needed for the final AD j.2h unless otherwise stated.
  • j.2h delay j.236p. This delay is mainly relevant if going for a Bad Moon combo ender. Bad Moon has relatively low untech time on airborne opponents, so delaying it can be very useful in getting that hard knockdown.

Final note: all damage values for combos on this page are on Slayer, unless otherwise noted. Now on to the combos!

Combos starting on the ground

1. 5s5h2d (73)
The basic of basics. Generally you would go for this combo if you’re too far away for 2h to connect.

2. 5s2h AD j.2h ender (126)
A simple combo that works against the entire cast! Against Johnny, add a delay between 2h and j.s.

3. 5s2h AD j.h AD j.2h ender (132)
Very similar to the previous combo. More damaging, but not as consistent. Does not work well against Ky, Eddie, Johnny, Dizzy, Baiken, Bridget, Justice, Jam, and Kliff.

4. 5s2h AD j.2h land 5s2h j.h AD j.2h ender (157)
A relaunch combo that does significantly more damage than the previous two. Works on every character except for Robo, and is a bit difficult on Pot. Also, if the combo starts without any dash momentum, the final j.h has problems landing on Ky, Eddie, A.B.A, and Venom.

5. 5s2h AD j.2h land 5s2h AD j.2h ender (160)
A variant of the previous combo: note the only change is that the final j.h becomes Works better on Ky and Eddie if there is no starting dash momentum

6. 5s2h AD j.2h land 5s2h AD j.h AD j.2h ender (163)
Another variant of combo #4. Works better against Robo

7. 5s2h AD land AD j.h AD j.2h ender (153)
Yet another variant of combo #3, designed to work on Potemkin only. Damage value is on Pot

Combos from an air launch (ex. H Tandem top hits after successful mixup. All damage here from 2k into H Tandem)

1. 5s(c) AD j.h AD j.2h ender (91)
The close 5s should be allowed to hit twice, unless the opponent is extremely high in the air. Very simple combo, works on most characters except for Johnny. It can also be difficult on Ky, Eddie, A.B.A, Testament, and Potemkin if they are too low in the air. If the combo starts low in the air, it can sometimes help to omit the AD j.h in the middle.

2. 5s2h j.h AD j.2h ender (96)
Another simple combo from an air launch. Against light characters like May, it can be very difficult to get a knockdown without a pin, so avoid using this combo against them if pin isn’t available.

3. 5s2h delay delay AD j.2h ender (95)
Very similar to the previous combo, but with some important delays added in. Best used on Johnny

4. 5s2h j.h AD j.2h land 5s2h j.h AD j.2h ender (110)
A relaunch combo that works on the entire cast! It’s quite important to start the combo low in the air, as the j.2h tends to whiff if it starts too high. Against light characters, it can be very difficult to get a knockdown without pin.

Combos from a ground throw

1. dash 5s2h j.h AD j.h AD j.2h ender (90)
The most consistent combo she has off of throw.  Technically, it works on everyone except for Johnny, but it is quite difficult vs light and heavy characters. So use this on the middle weights, like Chipp and Sol!

2. dash 5s2h j.h delay AD j.2h ender (86)
Very similar to the previous combo: it just omits the AD j.h and makes the delayed AD j.2h mandatory. Works very well against Ky, Eddie, Millia, Baiken, I-No, and Justice.

3. deep dash 5s2h AD j.2h j.214s land dash 6h (96)
Again, very similar to combo #1. This is for Dizzy only! The 2h after 5s is unusually difficult to land on her, so it’s important to dash in deep for the initial 5s. It is also impossible to get a knockdown without a pin in this combo, so I actually have the ender spelled out.

4. dash 5s2h delay delay AD j.2h ender (85)
This throw combo works best on the really heavy characters like Johnny and Robo.

5. deep dash 2p5p AD j.2h ender (69)
A slightly less damaging throw combo that works very well on the light characters like Millia, May, Jam, and Kliff.

6. dash 5k6p delay AD j.2h ender (72)
Similar to combo #5, works very well on light characters like the four mentioned above. But this is also the most consistent throw combo on Justice!

Combos from a hitconfirm into S Tandem Top in corner (ex. 6k 236s, 5s 236s)

1. 5s 236s 5p AD j.h AD j.2h ender (131)
The most consistent corner S Tandem combo. Works best on middle weight characters, as heavy characters tend to fall out of the combo early, and light characters are inconsistent and often get put into an awkward position where the pin whiffs.

2. 5s 236s 5p AD j.2h ender (128)
Very similar to the previous combo, this works better on Ky and Eddie

3. 5s 236s 5p j.214h up dj.d land 6h (145)
This combo works best on the light characters like May, Baiken, Bridget, and Jam.

4. 5s 236s 5p j.ksh j.214h up dj.d land 6h (151)
This combo works best on the extremely heavy characters like Johnny and Robo.

5. 5s 236s 5p j.ks j.214s up dj.d land 6h (133)
Very similar to the previous combo, works best on Johnny and Robo. Is a little easier to do, but doesn’t work at farther ranges. Damage value from Robo.

Optimal corner only combos

1. 5s2h j.214h AD j.d ADB j.d land dash 6h (174)
AKA the mini dustloop, there is just something really satisfying about bouncing the opponent off the walls with the two jump dusts. This is a highly damaging corner combo that works very well on a little over half the cast. Against Venom and I-No, there should be a significant delay between the j.214h and the airdash. This combo is best on middle weights, as it tends to be fairly inconsistent on the light and heavy characters.

2. 5s2h j.214s forward dj.d ADB j.d land dash 6h (174)
A variant of the previous combo that works nicely on Ky.

2. 5s2h j.s j.214s up dj.d land dash 2h j.h AD j.2h ender (167)
Only one jump dust this time. Works very well on Millia, May, Bridget, Chipp, Baiken, and Kliff.

3. 5s2h j.214h ADB j.d land dash 2h j.h AD j.2h ender (171)
Another combo with one jump dust. Works nicely on Baiken

4. 5s2h j.214s up dj.d land 2h j.h AD j.2h ender (171)
Yet another one jump dust variation. This one is best used on heavy characters like Eddie, Johnny, Robo, and Testament. For some odd reason, it also works great on Jam.

5. 5s2h j.236d back dj.d land dash 2h j.h AD j.2h ender (196)
An even more damaging corner j.d combo. 25% meter is required for the early air FB disc. Works nicely on everyone except for the light characters.

6. 5s2h j.236d forward dj.ADB j.d land dash 2h j.h AD j.2h (196)
A variant of the previous combo that works nicely against the light characters like Millia, May, Baiken, Jam, Bridget, I-No, and Kliff.

Other important combos

1. j.k land 5s
Learning the timing of the 5s link after a low j.k is quite important. j.k combos quite easily into 2p and 2k, but because of Millia’s gatling tree, she frequently won’t be able to combo into a knockdown in this situation. Comboing directly into 5s solves this problem. Some common situations where this comes up include airdash and airdash j.kpk

2. j.k land 5h
Same concept as above. However, certain characters have extremely thin hitboxes(like Jam), making it so that even j.k into 5s does not allow a combo into knockdown. Against those characters, j.k into 5h would be a better choice.

3. 5s(f)5h 236236s dash 6h (152)
Far slash is definitely Millia’s best ground poke, but it doesn’t go into damage(and knockdown) most of the time… unless she has meter! It is thus important to always be ready to hitconfirm it into Emerald Rain if the meter is available. This is the standard near-corner combo she will do off a successful far slash. Decent damage and hard knockdown for 50% meter.

4. 5s5h2d 214s 214d IAD j.d land dash 5s2h j.h AD j.2h (162)
A new option that Millia gains in +R is the wallstick property on the FB Longinus followup of Lust Shaker. This allows her to combo off of it in a new situation: half stage distance from the corner. After the FB Longinus, the opponent will be stuck on the wall, which allows Millia enough time to do an IAD j.d. This combo is more meter efficient and damaging than the previous one, but is a bit more strict when it comes to how close Millia is to the opponent. The previous combo pretty much works as long as 5h connects after 5s, but she has to combo into sweep here so she needs to be a little closer.

5. 5s5h2d 214s 214d dash 5s2h j.h AD j.2h (149)
This is the basic combo to do if FB Longinus is done near the corner.