Toshin Gekitotsu has concluded! The event was streamed last night on Nico, Youtube, and UStream. Thanks to Youtube, the archives are immediately available for viewing on the Japanese Playstation channel!
2015/8/22 GGXrd Toshin Gekitotsu
Guilty Gear Kings vs Progamer Allies
39:02 Taka(Slayer) vs Roi(Sol)
57:52 Kiisha(Faust) vs Ain(Ky)
1:24:03 Koichi(I-No) vs LOX(Bedman)
1:48:24 Takehara(Ramlethal) vs Mugen(Sol)
2:12:18 Hamburg(Elphelt) vs Nakamura(Millia)
2:41:07 Karinchu(Millia) vs Dogura(Sin)
2:54:24 Susumu(Chipp) vs Machaboo(Ky)
3:12:35 Nage(Faust) vs Kazunoko(Sol)
3:31:24 FAB(Potemkin) vs sako(Zato)
3:51:33 Ogawa(Zato) vs Daigo Umehara(Sol)

Every set was first to three. While the overall results may not be a surprise, all of the matches were really good. I am sure a lot of people are surprised about Daigo and sako’s performance. Out of all the big Guilty Gear events, this is definitely the one with the biggest production values. They even had the instant replay tech! They have really raised the bar and I hope that future events will learn from Toshin Gekitotsu’s example.

In other news, Jonio has also finished putting up the videos from the Mikado Pre Arc Revo cup events. The singles event is on his Youtube account, and the 3on3 is on Nico and mirrored on my channel.
2015/8/13 Pre Arc Revo Cup 2015 singles tourney
2015/8/14 Pre Arc Revo Cup 2015 3on3

GG Xrd Revelator is coming out in 2 days, and ASW will be holding an official pre release stream tomorrow night! They have promised that an important announcement will be made during the stream, so keep your eyes open.