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More details have finally emerged concerning the Arc Revolution Cup, which was originally announced in November. The official site has been unveiled here. The tournament, which will feature the three main ArcSys arcade fighting games GGXX AC+R, BBCP, and P4U, is actually part of a special event commemorating their 25th anniversary called the Arc System Works Festival. Qualifiers for the tournament will be taking place in various arcades from February 16th to April 21st, and the qualifying players will then be able to participate in the finals on May 19th. The official site has a […]

Just one day after the tournament, a-cho already has the complete footage of the Chonari Cup 3on3 up on their Youtube account! Many top players came out for this, so there are tons of great matches across almost 3 hours of footage. I have went ahead and added player names and characters used with timecodes in the Youtube comments, which I’ve also reproduced below. Hasegawa(Sol), Murishinjuu(Johnny), Menso(Kliff) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Koro-chan(Sol), Kedako(May) 9:44 MasatoP(Axl), Nezu(Robo), Takuan(May) vs Anchan(Bridget), DONchan(Potemkin), Mokkun(Jam) 15:20 DONchan(Potemkin), Anchan(Bridget), Mokkun(Jam) vs Izumi(Sol), Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Kedako(May) 24:17 Dogura(Robo), N-O(Venom), Efute(May) […]

For people interested in print media of GGXX Accent Core Plus R, I’ve compiled the articles that Arcadia has run on +R for 2012. It was featured in the last five issues of the year, from August to December. The September issue has an interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari, as well as the players Kenchan(Millia), Ogawa(Eddie), Dogura(Robo), Koichi(I-No), and Inoue(Order Sol). The November issue is the one that has the hilariously early tier list with less than half the cast represented. Credit goes to Ramtieger on Underground Gamer for purchasing and scanning all the magazines. Arcadia […]