Jam Kuradoberi by sowel

Jam Kuradoberi by sowel

GGXrd Revelator is moving right along with Jam now being location tested in arcades! Her first wave of location tests has already finished, and the 2nd wave is going on now with minor bug fixes. greatfernman on Twitter compiled and translated some information from the 1st and 2nd location tests, listed below:
Jam translation dump
1.02 Revelator patch changes

Other than the Revelator location tests, things have been fairly slow in the world of Guilty Gear so the rest of this post will just be a news dump! First up, MSY has been known for figuring out good Johnny combo routes at an exceptional rate in every GG, and Xrd Revelator is no different! Within the first week of the game’s release, he already had a combo video out that demonstrates a lot of the new options he has. He has it up on his Youtube channel along with a completely unedited version if you want to see the full combos.
relive Unedited version

Revelator has been out for a few weeks and the tech has developed quite nicely for the two new characters. As expected, Johnny is a very popular character so there are tons of strong people playing him. The player who has shown up in videos the most is Karinchu. He actually played Johnny along with Millia in AC+R, so in a way he got one of his original mains back.
2015/8/29 Mikado stream – Karinchu(JO) matches
2015/9/1 Mikado stream – Karinchu(JO) matches
2015/9/7 Mikado stream – Karinchu(JO) matches

Jack-O’s representation has been a bit more limited. It is hard to say who is super dominant with her right now, but for a period of time, Tsujikawa had the #1 ranked Jack-O’ and there are a ton of matches with him here.
2015/9/1 Sasashima Leisureland casuals

Since we are on the topic of combo videos, Dizzy player Kisshi also made an amazing one for May for Xrd Sign! Lots of guaranteed dizzy combos and 100% sequences.

The entire Toshin Gekitotsu tournament has already been up on the JP PlayStation Youtube since the day the event concluded, but as an added bonus, the replays of all matches were saved! The PS4 is such a great system. The official ASW Youtube account has all of the replays up, so this is worth watching if you want to see the inputs and/or don’t like the commentary.
Taka(Slayer) vs Roi(Sol)
Kiisha(Faust) vs Ain(Ky)
Koichi(I-No) vs LOX(Bedman)
Takehara(Ramlethal) vs Mugen(Sol)
Hamburg(Elphelt) vs Nakamura(Millia)
Karinchu(Millia) vs Dogura(Sin)
Susumu(Chipp) vs Machaboo(Ky)
Nage(Faust) vs Kazunoko(Sol)
FAB(Potemkin) vs sako(Zato)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Daigo Umehara(Sol)

Nage wrote some thoughts on his match vs Kazunoko, which is timestamped so you can follow along while watching the replay. My friend tenkai translated the first part of it here:
Nage’s thought processes during Toshin Gekitotsu match 1