Dizzy by Taishi

Dizzy by Taishi

Another Evolution has come and gone, and what a tournament it was! This was the first time that the finals were held in an arena, separate from the main venue. As this is the second year that Guilty Gear Xrd was at Evo, the amount of foreign participants increased so competition was fiercer than ever. By now, you have probably already seen the Guilty Gear tournament footage, but if not, then logichole streamed pools. The finals were streamed on the usual srkevo1 channel, but I would actually advise against watching the main English stream. The reason is that the audio balancing was all sorts of terrible during the GG top8. I would actually recommend watching the Japanese version of the Top8, which was streamed on TopangaTV with commentary from DIE-chan, Jonio, and Dogura. Howard Roark also mirrored the Topanga archives on Youtube right here. Normally I would not support unofficial reuploads of a major tourney like this, but it is very unlikely that TopangaTV will ever put this up on their Youtube channel so I will make an exception.
1st – Machaboo(Sin)
2nd – Omito(Johnny)
3th – Rion(Ky)
4th – Nakamura(Millia)
5th – Ogawa(Zato)
5th – Kazunoko(Raven)
7th – MarlinPie(Zato)
7th – TopGaren(Zato)

This year was another milestone for Guilty Gear at Evo because of Arc System Works! While this is not the first time that they have been at Evolution, this is definitely the first time that they have made an official announcement on finals day. With impeccable timing, they announced several upcoming updates to the console version of Revelator, 2 of which were effective almost right away. Version 1.03 is out which rebalances all of the characters and re-introduces the long awaited Dizzy as a playable character. The complete patch notes are available on the official Japanese Revelator website, and they have been translated into English right here. Other than that, the patch also added 14 new music tracks including Heavy Day! In the fall, the game will update to Version 1.04, which includes a new Digital Figure mode. It is basically an in-game character model viewer.

As expected, Xrd Revelator Dizzy is closer to #Reload/Slash than her Accent Core incarnations. Fishes are now back to a single input and spears can no longer be held. She gained back some of her old gatlings, like 5h2d and got some new ones like j.kh! She has a number of changed normals, including a completely different far slash(which is just a 1 hit long ranged poke), 4s(which is her old far slash), and a 1-hit 6h that knocks down on air hit. Her specials have changed A LOT, and I imagine that this was done for flavor. Many of her specials now have two versions, an ice(undine) and fire(necro) variation. This means that some of the inputs have changed. The old bubble is now j.236p, and the new fire bubble is j.236k. Icespike is now 236s, and the fire analogue is 236h. Spear is still 421s, and the new fire spear is 421h. And so on. It is a very interesting change that will unfortunately be very awkward for oldschool players because of all the input differences.

As 1.03 is out now, many Japanese players including the Evolution grand finalists made a final tier list of the 1.02 meta. Very interesting to note the differences here, though it seems like the most consistent placement is Johnny, Sin, and Elphelt in S.

S Johnny Sin Elphelt
A+ Millia Bedman Zato Jack-O
A Sol Ky Chipp Leo Faust
B Everyone else
C Potemkin Jam Venom(could be in B)

S Johnny Sin Zato Elphelt Millia
A Ky Bedman Sol Chipp May Axl Faust I-No Jack-O Raven
B Venom Leo Ramlethal Slayer Jam Kum
C Potemkin

S Johnny
A+ Sin Elphelt Bedman Zato
A Millia Chipp
B Everyone else
B- Venom Potemkin

S Johnny Sin Elphelt Millia
A+ Jack-O Bedman
A Sol Ky May Zato I-No Chipp Axl
B Everyone else

S Johnny Sin
A Zato Elphelt Millia Bedman Jack-O
B Sol Chipp Axl Faust Ky Leo Venom
C Ramlethal Slayer Jam May I-No Potemkin

Jack-O by sowel

Jack-O by sowel

The Japanese version of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is out! Kum and Raven are included in the release, so if you cannot wait for the US release(which is coming out in a few days), be sure to get it now! If you need help learning a character, Dustloop is still recommended but nowadays it seems that most of the discussion has moved to Discord. The list of available Guilty Gear related Discord channels can be accessed here.

I talked about the Youdeal Battlemania exhibitions in the previous post, and although they were pay per view, 2djazz has been able to restream them on Twitch! There are lots of great matches here, so be sure to watch the archives before they reach the month deadline.
Kansai vs Kanto 5v5 exhibition
Ruu(May) vs FAB(Potemkin)
Tomo(Leo) vs Hase(Slayer)
Susumu(Chipp) vs Machabo(Sin)
Omito(Johnny) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
Dogura(Sin) vs Ogawa(Zato)

Youdeal League Day 1
Dogura(Sin) vs Omito(Johnny)
Machaboo(Sin) vs Isamu(Venom)
Tomo(Leo) vs Dogura(Sin)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Susumu(Chipp)
Ogawa(Zato) vs Omito(Johnny)
Tomo(Leo) vs Susumu(Chipp)

Since a lot of the Kansai players were in the Kanto area for the Youdeal Kanto vs Kansai event, Mikado also held their own series of FT3 exhibitions! They are up on Jonio’s Youtube.
En(Slayer) vs Tomo(Leo)
Roi(Sol) vs Susumu(Chipp)
Ain(Ky) vs Omito(Johnny)
Ruu(May) vs Isamu(Venom)
Hase(Slayer) vs Woshige(Millia)
Omito(Johnny) vs Nage(Faust)

Millia Rage by Yoshitake

Millia Rage by Yoshitake

The Mikado teespring campaign has relaunched! It already met its initial goal, meaning that they were able to use the funds to fly in some of the Mikado regulars to Evo for Guilty Gear. With its relaunch, the funds will now be used to help upgrade Jonio’s stream equipment. There were some brief instances in the past where Jonio experimented with higher quality streaming, like 720p during the Plus R era and super high bitrates during early Xrd. But his internet and computer could not handle it for long, so it was always back to 360p. But now this is a chance for a regularly scheduled Japanese HD GG stream to become a reality, so please order a shirt if you have not done so already!

You may remember the Hase vs mike FT7 exhibition set that 2djazz helped organize last month. Well, he has been organizing even more exhibitions at Mikado recently, perhaps as a way to help train the players for Evolution 2016. There are a bunch of players coming, even more than last year. Anyway, these following matches are all great watches for anyone who plays the respective characters. These also have English commentary as a bonus!
2016/4/16 310(Venom) vs Jonio(Johnny)
2016/5/7 Karinchu(Johnny) vs Nakamura(Millia)
2016/5/14 Machaboo(Sin) vs Nage(Faust)
2016/5/21 En(Slayer) vs Mugen(Sol)
2016/5/21 Rion(Ky) vs Endou(Chipp)

A special GGXrd Revelator exhibition series, Battlemania, has been organized by YOUDEAL to help promote the upcoming console release. You can watch the PV on Nico here. Starting on 5/28, there will be a Kanto vs Kansai 5on5 exhibition, featuring:
1. Ruu(May) vs FAB(Potemkin)
2. Tomo(Leo) vs Hase(Slayer)
3. Susumu(Chipp) vs Machabo(Sin)
4. Omito(Johnny) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
5. Dogura(Sin) vs Ogawa(Zato)
Unfortunately, it looks like the stream will be pay-per-view, but maybe someone will find a way to rip it.

Millia Rage by Shunzou

Millia Rage by Shunzou

Woshige has been absent from pretty much all Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- footage, perhaps because of his work in being the battle director for Street Fighter V. But this week that all changed, because he traveled to the Kanto region and got a bunch of recorded matches in! Even if you don’t play Millia, these matches are a great watch as you can learn so much about how to play against this character. Especially in the Woshige vs Mocchi set, you can really see how the matches are determined by the neutral game interaction.

First up, the Mikado matches.

He showed up to the 4/21 singles tournament, and got to grand finals!
Mikado 2016/4/21 singles tourney
Part 1 2 3 4

Mikado 2016/4/21 Woshige(MI) matches
Woshige(Millia) vs Kakishi(Jack-O), TORI(Jack-O), Moga(Slayer), Suke(Elphelt), min(Jack-O)

Mikado 2016/4/22 Mugen(Sol) vs Woshige(Millia) 1 2

Joined the 4/30 3on3 tournament, and teamed up with Karinchu who also decided to play Millia.
Mikado 2016/4/30 3on3
Part 1 2 3 4

Mame also put up a bunch of Woshige matches on his Youtube account, against more Mikado regulars.
Woshige(Millia) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
Haaken(Sol) vs Woshige(Millia) 1 2
Ain(Ky) vs Woshige(Millia)

Jack-O goodness

Jack-O by Oro

Jack-O by Oro

So the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- PS4 demo is out for both US and Japan, and Jack-O has been getting a lot of tech worked out for her. Perhaps as a response, 2djazz on Twitter was able to set up two exhibitions this past weekend featuring top Japanese Jack-O players. So there is plenty of material to study here for anyone who wants to learn her. These exhibitions are also special because they have English commentary! First up was mike Jack-O vs Hase Slayer, both of whom need no introduction. This was streamed at Mikado, and the archive is already up on Jonio’s Youtube channel.
mike(Jack-O) vs Hase(Slayer) FT7

Next was Samitto Chipp vs FG Jack-O, which was streamed in a Chiba arcade. The archive is up on 2djazz’s Youtube channel.
Samitto(Chipp) vs FG(Jack-O) FT7

Everybody knows Samitto, but FG is slightly less well known despite being one of the top Jack-O players. Here are some other matches of him, recorded at Funabashi:
FG(Jack-O) vs LOX(Bedman) 1 2
FG(Jack-O) vs Samitto(Chipp) 1 2