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Starting off this post with 2 announcements, the 2015 Videos page has finally been brought up to date with all of the relevant Guilty Gear Xrd videos. The second announcement is that I will no longer be keeping the Videos section of this site up to date. My work schedule has been as busy as ever, and I find myself with increasingly less time to work on this site. Since keeponrockin is now well maintained by several community members, I feel it is much more productive to just point people that way for a big […]

The last of the qualifiers for Sega’s upcoming APM D-1 Fighting Festival have concluded! The finals will be happening this weekend, so don’t miss the stream when it goes live on the 26th at Sega’s Youtube channel. Keep in mind that if you live in North America, the stream will be happening on the afternoon of the 25th because of the timezone difference. Updated list of qualified players below. 5 I-No: Koichi, 2rio, Rokka, Hasegawa, U-Zen 4 Zato: Tights, Ogawa, Command Miss Seijin, Akashachi Slayer: Taka, Hase, stormgust, En 3 Sol: Mugen, NOB, Uki Ky: […]

Upcoming GG stuff

I am sorry, I know it has been more than 3 months since the last update. With the holiday season, my work schedule has been really crazy so I have not had much time to keep things up to date here. Rather than write about all the things that I have definitely missed since the last post, I thought it would be better to talk about some exciting things happening in the future for Guilty Gear! Sega is running a big tournament called the APM D-1 Fighting Festival. It features four of the games that […]

GGXrd Revelator is moving right along with Jam now being location tested in arcades! Her first wave of location tests has already finished, and the 2nd wave is going on now with minor bug fixes. greatfernman on Twitter compiled and translated some information from the 1st and 2nd location tests, listed below: Jam translation dump 1.02 Revelator patch changes Other than the Revelator location tests, things have been fairly slow in the world of Guilty Gear so the rest of this post will just be a news dump! First up, MSY has been known for […]

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- is finally out in arcades! With a new game comes a new batch of information and footage. First up, 4gamer ran a Revelator article that includes two lengthy videos with Pachi breaking down the two new characters Johnny and Jack-O’ and going through the new system mechanics. Definitely a good watch if you are not clear on what has changed in the new version. The ASW Revelator pre-release stream that I talked about in the previous two posts happened, and they held a tourney with the ArcSys employees! While the level […]