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Tons of updates to this video series this week, probably in anticipation of Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen, which is happening this weekend!  FAB vs Samitto is one of the best match sets I’ve seen in a long time, so get to it! The Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen Guilty Gear event will be going on throughout the entire weekend.  It will be streamed on Nico on Jonio’s community, and they might switch over to his Twitch account occasionally.  Tentative schedule: 4/28 Beginners tourney, Singles tourney, and 23on23 4/29 3on3 tourney and 10 match set exhibitions 4/30 Random 5on5 […]

Just found this amazing set of videos yesterday.  Sarah Williams, Erin Fitzgerald, Kimlinh Tran, Danielle McRae, and Laura Post AKA the voice actresses for Peacock, Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, and Valentine recently got together and played Skullgirls for the 1st time!  As you can probably guess, they picked the respective characters they voiced.  The commentary is priceless, and I’m glad someone was around to record this.  You can watch the videos on JusticeTang’s Youtube channel.

5 new videos in this series compiled this week!  Megalodon must be on vacation or something. Volume 54 Inoue(HOS) vs En(Slayer) 3 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画54 イノウエ(OR)vsエン(SL)ガチその3 Volume 55 Ain(Ky) vs En(Slayer) 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画55 アイン(KY)vsエン(SL)ガチ Volume 56 Chonari(Zappa) vs Kuni(Baiken), Satou(Johnny), AGF(Anji), Ain(Ky) 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画56 ちょなり(ZA)vsミカド勢 Volume 57 Inoue(HOS) vs Fino(Venom) 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画57 イノウエ(OR)vsフィーノ(VE)ガチ Volume 58 Teresa(Jam) vs Samitto(Chipp) 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画58 テレサ(JA)vsサミット(CH)ガチ

Couple of Skullgirls updates I wanted to mention.  Now that the game is out there’s been a flurry of new videos posted every day, so it’s kind of impossible for me to keep up.  But I do want to highlight the videos that everyone’s favorite gamebreaker Desk has made.  They give a good explanation of how the Infinite Protection System in Skullgirls works, and also give insight on approaches to take to get around this system.  You can read a more detailed explanation on his blog. On the more artistic side of things, people have […]

It has truly been a long time since Woshige has shown up in a Guilty Gear video.  It has also been a long time since I’ve posted here!  Mikado’s upcoming Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen GG event seems to have brought a lot of the old players back, and now Woshige is among one of them, as he joined the April 6th GG ranbat at a-cho.  Unfortunately, only Top 8 was recorded, and you can see his only match against Mokkun Jam here.  He was also recorded in the post ranbat casuals on the GAMEacho account here.  […]