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The official Toshin Gekitotsu and Japanese Playstation blog recently updated with their choice on who the Arc Revo representative will be. It is Karinchu, so the final lineups for both teams are now Guilty Gear Kings: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Karinchu(Millia), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust), Hamburg(Elphelt) Progamer Allies: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Dogura(Sin), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol), Ain(Ky) They have also announced the format, and it will not be Pokemon style at all to give everyone a chance to play in this exhibition! The matches are Battle 1: Taka vs Roi Battle 2: Kiisha […]

People have been expecting this for a while now, but it’s finally been announced: Sin Kiske will be the new Guilty Gear Xrd character available in the console release! Famitsu has two online articles about the announcement with some nice screenshots, and also has a page about it in this month’s issue. Shoutouts to Kurushii for providing the magazine scan. This month’s issue of Arcadia has a two page article on the Arc Revolution Cup, which has started since 3 weeks ago. Top Faust player Kiisha was interviewed for the GGXrd portion, which you can […]

To prepare for the upcoming Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen event at the end of April, Takadanobaba Mikado has really been going all out with the Guilty Gear events.  They’ve recently been averaging three 3on3 tournaments every week!  In addition, they’ve also been streaming several first-to-five exhibition match sets between the top players, and some of the footage has been released today. These matches are AMAZING, and I highly recommend watching them all even if you don’t play any of these characters.  I guess there’s just something about playing in a casual, exhibition environment(instead of a tournament […]