This is a compilation of all the Millia figurines in existence that I know of. If there’s any that I’ve missed, feel free to contact me! I might have also gotten some information wrong too concerning the makers of the figurines, so apologies in advance if this happens.

Guilty Gear: The Missing Link

I think this is the only Millia figurine in existence that has her in her classic GG outfit. Seems to be pretty well made.

Guilty Gear X

A pretty rare figurine, with Millia in the same pose in her Guilty Gear X art.

Hahaha, this Millia figurine is terrible. The makers seem to generally do some very good work though, not sure what went wrong with this one.

I have no idea who made this, but this is another rare Millia figurine. I’m not even sure if you can even order it nowadays. A shame, because Millia looks great and she’s in a very nice pose.

A VERY nice figurine, it seems to be fairly rare. I really don’t know if it can still be ordered.

Makers: Epoch C-Works
An OK figurine, I believe it’s sold as a set with Sol. It has many points of articulation which is a good thing when it comes to posing, but because of this the legs look prosthetic which is kind of a turn off.

I forgot who the makers were. Anyway, this isn’t a very high quality figurine, as I believe it comes in a set with Dizzy, Justice, Ky, Anji, and one of the Mayship girls. Also available in ganguro palette. The hair can be modified to make wings to emulate her Winger super, which is kind of cool, I guess.

A very nice Millia figurine, one of my favorites. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it can be purchased anymore. Millia’s in a very cool pose, her legs are long and you can even see her panties.

Guilty Gear XX

I forgot who the makers were, but this is an ok Millia figurine that comes in a set with all the other Guilty Gear females in swimwear. Having a hair dress is pretty funny

Guilty Gear XX Isuka

Makers: Yamato
Available in two forms, default palette or pink palette. A nice figurine, it’s one of the few that’s still purchasable too. Millia’s sitting on her hair like in one of her intro poses, and I think the makers captured her likeness pretty well.