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After a bit of delay, the complete footage for the Arc Revolution Cup is finally up on the official Arc Revo Movie Youtube channel! Unfortunately, they decided to have every match be an individual video, which in my opinion is a really idiotic way to organize things. In addition, the top8 videos are direct feed, so I feel much of the hype is lost without the commentary, crowd footage and the interviews. But luckily, the stream archive of top8 is still up!(on other channels) A Block 1st round Konsome(Potemkin) vs Manii(Eddie) Makki(Dizzy) vs AZ(Axl) LARK(May) […]

Now that Accent Core Plus R is out on the Japanese PS3 version of AC+, many people outside of Japan can now have a chance to play this game. It can be a difficult game to get into, as the amount of online resources available for +R is noticeably less than that of the major Capcom games. In addition, the community is relatively small(but dedicated!), so there aren’t a lot of people around who can answer questions. So I’d like to make this post to compile all of the useful beginner resources for this game. […]

Hello all. Ever since Plus R’s Japanese PS3 release, I have been labbing it up to get all of Millia’s new combos down. And I finally have my data compiled into something presentable! The Millia combos page has been updated for +R, and in the next few weeks all of the other pages will get updated as well so stay tuned!

The location tests for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- are happening this weekend, and there have been a flood of reports from Japanese players over Twitter, as well as a multitude of articles. I’ll try to neatly compile all the general system info in this post, and I will also keep it updated throughout the weekend as new material becomes available. The general impression is that the game still feels like Guilty Gear, which is definitely a good thing. Match pacing seems to be the same, and there is slightly more hitstop on hits which make […]