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As the title says, this is the 5th and final post with GGXrd qualifier vids from the Arc Revolution Cup. Unfortunately, all of these videos are shakycam this time around. Famitsu also ran an article on the Heisei and Last Chance qualifiers, including interviews with the winners Gazou and Haaken. Before we get to do that though, another reminder that this weekend is the actual Arc Revo Cup event! It is on the 30th, which corresponds to Friday night the 29th for people living in the US. Mikado is also holding their pre Arc Revo […]

The Guilty Gear Xrd qualifiers for the Arc Revolution Cup have officially ended this weekend! The final 2 spots have been taken by Gazou Faust, who won the Heisei(only born after 1989) qualifier last weekend, and Haaken Sol, who won the last chance qualifier today. So the final character counts are: 5 Faust: Nage, Defure, Tejinashi, OsakaB, Gazou 4 Millia: Kanata, Toruso, Nakamura, Woshige Ramlethal: Daiji, saryu, Karinchu, Day 3 Chipp: Samitto, Endou, Raigou Venom: Isamu, Fino, Mortal Sol: 012, Uki, Haaken 2 Bedman: Tsubu, LOX Potemkin: Konsome, FAB Ky: Rozu, Ain I-No: Hasegawa, U-Zen […]

Running out of titles to use for these posts, so here is the fourth batch of Guilty Gear Xrd qualifier videos for the Arc Revolution Cup! Before we get to that, some news. This was the last real weekend of qualifiers, but if you count up the players, you will see that there are only 30. The final 2 spots are special in that one of them is a last chance qualifier, and the other is designed to give new players a chance. Basically, only people born after 1989 are allowed to join. You might […]