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Megalodon does it again with yet another GG compilation video, this time featuring FC’s and Hase’s home arcade, Isezaki New Platon!  Expect a lot of crazy Slayer combos. This video has also been added to the Compilation videos page.

Parasoul’s character page on the official Skullgirls website has finally been updated to credit her voice actress, Erin Fitzgerald!  You know what this means… Parasoul da best <3  I love that timeout pose at the end.

Seems like the latest a-cho Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Kansai ranbat uploaded was a special event.  It had way more entrants than their ranbats usually get, and it had a lot of players from other regions attending like Kanto and Kyushu.  The level of play is really good, so here’s the videos with all of the player names and characters labeled! Kedako(May) vs Ibuki Iruka(May) Kishitaka(Sol) vs Chonari(Zappa) Kedako(May) vs Chonari(Zappa) Kishitaka(Sol) vs Ibuki Iruka(May) Kedako(May) vs Ibuki Iruka(May) Makki(Dizzy) vs Karichan(Faust) Nekomimi(Axl) vs Shige(Potemkin) Makki(Dizzy) vs Nekomimi(Axl) Karichan(Faust) vs Shige(Potemkin) Nekomimi(Axl) vs Karichan(Faust) […]

This is a few weeks old but I felt I should post it because it’s such great footage.  Megalodon makes the Best moments at TRF/Mikado vids on Nico and he also compiles the best Guilty Gear casual matches from Jonio’s ustream and archives.  Volume 24 and 25 feature Woshige from September 16-20 in 2010.  It was the week before Tougeki 2010 at that time, thus many players from all over Japan were at Mikado.  This is pretty much Woshige running the gauntlet against Mikado regulars, so it’s a goldmine of footage for Millia players. […]

Megalodon does it again with the 2nd video in his Guilty Gear Best Commentary moments at Nakano TRF/Takadanobaba Mikado series.  More Kusoru goodness! This video has also been added to the Compilation Videos page.