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All of the videos from the 2014 Arc Revolution Cup are finally starting to get uploaded on their official Youtube channel! Every video is in delicious 720p quality, and since they were just uploaded today they should be in 60fps if you’re watching on Chrome. Shoutouts for Youtube for finally giving us more framerate options. I have went ahead and translated all of the player names in each video below. Unfortunately, these videos have no commentary and the Top 8 videos don’t even have the stage footage. Luckily the stream archive for that is still […]

There are two big Guilty Gear Xrd events happening this weekend! First up, a-cho is holding the Guilty Gear 12th anniversary event, which lasts for 3 days starting from 10/11. The schedule so far is: 10/11: GGXrd Same character 3on3 10/12: GGXrd 3on3 10/13: GGXX AC+R, GGXX #R, and GGX singles tourney The entire event should be streamed on a-cho’s ustream channel. You can also expect the videos to eventually be uploaded on their zero3japan and GAMEacho Youtube accounts as well. On the Eastern side of Japan, Mikado will be holding their next Mikado Masters […]