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Ogawa made another appearance on Frieda and Fubarduck’s stream show Amalgame TV yesterday to learn Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!  I wonder if he’s going to become a regular guest from now on.  It seems he’s settled on a team of Wesker, Vergil, and Nova.  This time, other than training mode, he also plays some netplay matches and a few sets against Frieda’s Zero/Sentinel/Vergil team.

Mago and Tokido’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition stream show Topanga TV had some very special guests today, Kazunoko(aka Inoue) and top Ky/Testament player Machaboo of Guilty Gear fame!  Tokido was not in attendance this time, so Bonchan took his place instead.  Inoue seems to be a regular guest on this show now, but Machaboo was a surprise(for me, at least) as I had no idea he played SSFIV AE.  He plays Fei Long, and shows up at around 49 minutes in.  He starts of by playing a few netplay matches, and then later […]

After a bit of a break, Megalodon resumes his series of GGXXAC casual matches at Mikado with Volume 33, featuring Inoue’s Order Sol vs FAB’s Potemkin!  You may remember these two from Volume 7, so it’s a continuation of that long set.  The best Order Sol vs the best Potemkin is not something to be missed, so get to it! This has also been added to the Compilation Videos page.

Frieda and Fubarduck’s fighting game stream show Amalgame TV had a very special guest 2 days ago: Ogawa!  Tune in to watch them teach the best Eddie in the world and one of the best GG players in general how to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  From what I hear, Ogawa actually played a bit of MvC2 so he isn’t entirely new to the series.


Recently I made the very horrible decision of reading through Youtube comments on various GG and BB vids.  Man, the stupidity level there is really off the charts sometimes.  One recurring thing I noticed was that there are a good number of people who worship GG/BB player Kaqn, and these people will make all sorts of excuses every time he loses in a video.  Instead of joining the stupidity by replying to Youtube comments, I figured I would just write about Kaqn here.  Maybe some people who are curious about him could then find this […]