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H.H streamed a special exhibition match on 5/25: a first to ten set between JT Bedman and FAB Potemkin! Funnily enough, the matches ended up completely one sided, so they played another FT10 right after, with JT opting to pick Millia instead. There were also a lot of casual matches recorded with Nakamura. During the stream, JT was interviewed about his history with the GG series and his own playstyle. He was also asked for his opinion on Xrd’s character rankings, and you can hear his response at around the 1 hour 16 min mark […]

a-cho has finally uploaded all of the videos from their special May 5th pre Arc Revolution Cup event! There were two main events: a singles tournament, and a Beginner/Intermediate only 2on2. Since the singles tourney had so many entrants, players were first assigned to round robin pools of 3 players each. The best player from each pool would then advance to a standard 32 player single elimination bracket. Singles tournament Round robin pools Pool 5 Kabegiwa no DC(Sol), Isamu(Venom), Elvenshadow(Faust) Pool 9 8:11 Airi(Ramlethal), Jiro(Ramlethal), Udon(Sol) Pool 14 14:45 Nakahara(Chipp), Jiguza(Zato), Hama(Millia) Pool 21 22:46 […]

Machaboo, who is currently the #1 ranked Guilty Gear Xrd player and one of the best GG players in general, stopped by Mikado this Friday and got in several sets vs their best players! Since there are a lot of videos in this post, they have been posted after the jump.

More 720p Xrd videos for your viewing pleasure Isamu(Venom) vs Kitajima(Zato) Part 1 2 3 4 【ニコニコ動画】GGXrd 勇(VE)vs北島(ZA) 【ニコニコ動画】GGXrd 勇(VE)vs北島(ZA) その2 【ニコニコ動画】GGXrd 勇(VE)vs北島(ZA) その3 【ニコニコ動画】GGXrd 勇(VE)vs北島(ZA) その4 Amipara Technoland 2014/5/3 Singles tourney Part 1 【ニコニコ動画】【アミパラテクノランド】GGXrd大会 H26.05.03 その1 Keizawa(Ramlethal) vs Okayu(Ky) 3:08 tail(Ramlethal) vs Pachikichi(Venom) 5:25 Hatashi(Ky) vs ASH(May) 7:27 kazane(Axl) vs Nikko(I-No) 10:22 Keizawa(Ramlethal) vs Begasu(Ky) 12:34 Ashura(Zato) vs Pachikichi(Venom) Part 2 【ニコニコ動画】【アミパラテクノランド】GGXrd大会 H26.05.03 その2 Keizawa(Ramlethal) vs Hatashi(Ky) 4:15 Pachikichi(Venom) vs Nikko(I-No) 7:38 Keizawa(Ramlethal) vs Pachikichi(Venom) 10:19 Hatashi(Ky) vs Nikko(I-No) G-Com Wajiro 2014/5/17 Singles tourney Tokan(Ky) vs Yamato(Sol) Josephine(Ramlethal) vs syo(Ky) Mamoru(Chipp) vs LOX(Bedman) GachaP(Venom) vs Eda(Axl) Run(Zato) vs No(Faust) E.T(Chipp) vs Takezaki(Ky) Kazuu(Ky) vs 246(Slayer) […]

The official Arc Revolution Cup website just updated with the tourney format for all 3 games. Unfortunately, it’s as I expected: Xrd will be a 1v1 single elimination tourney. There was a bit of protest from the Japanese playerbase in last year’s Arc Revo when this format was used, but I guess it’s hard to justify a teams format for GG when its roster size got reduced from 25 to 14. But interestingly enough, the BB tourney format will be 2on2. Guilty Gear Xrd has been featured in the past two Arcadia issues with some […]