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Mikado is holding their Arc Revolution Cup local qualifier and area final for Guilty Gear tonight, so you know what that means: there will be a stream! If you’re interested in watching, be sure to check the Mikado nico community page or Jonio’s twitter periodically tonight to see when it goes up. UPDATE: Jonio has woken up and posted the Nico stream link! It is set to go live at 13:30 on the 31st, which is 9:30 PM PST tonight. Also, there are two new sets of Arc Revo vids, so I’ll be posting them […]

If you’ve been paying attention to recent videos, you’ll see that Version 1.10A of Accent Core Plus R is finally out! It has been location testing in select arcades around Japan since the middle of February, but only last week did it get the nationwide release. 1.10A contains no new balance changes from 1.10, but introduces the Aime card system to Guilty Gear, allowing players to create profiles and track their game statistics. All of the information is stored on the GGXXAC+R Player’s Guild database. The site has some cool features, including a top ten […]

I haven’t written about P4U here since its arcade release, and I randomly got inspired to write about it after having a conversation with some friends about fighting game character archetypes. P4U is a game that I’ve been playing on the side since its US console release. It’s pretty fun, though I wouldn’t consider it to be a very good fighting game. It’s definitely decent for a fighting game’s 1st iteration though. But that’s a post for another time. Elizabeth(the character I play) has some amazing damage potential and pretty decent range on many moves. […]

More Arc Revolution Cup videos have popped up recently, thanks mostly to the official Youtube channel. Unfortunately, the majority are captured by shaky cam and not direct feed, but the quality is still watchable for the most part. The current list of qualified players for all 3 games can be found here. The rows that have a gold bar on it indicate that it was an Area Final, so players there are set to compete in the finals in May. Since there are a ton of videos embedded in this post, I’ve put them after […]