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Along with the weekly Skullgirls Friday Night Fights video, yesterday GameTrailers also put up a two part Valentine walkthrough with Mike Z on the mic!  If you’ve already seen the Valentine walkthrough on Machinima, then most of the material that Mike goes through on GT should be familiar.  It’s a bit more detailed, and of course it’s in that delicious 60fps HD quality!

The series continues with Volume 42!  Featuring Satou Johnny vs En Slayer, this is a set not to be missed. Satou(Johnny) vs En(Slayer) 【ニコニコ動画】高田馬場ミカド GGXX AC 野試合動画42 さとぅ~(JO)vsエン(SL)ガチ

The 8th and final Skullgirls character has finally been revealed to be Double!  She was shown last night on Spike GTTV with a very quick 30 second segment, and today Gametrailers has posted a two part character walkthrough for her with Mike Z narration.  Her character page on the official Skullgirls website has also been added.  As Mike Z says, she is super gross, being a shapeshifting Eldritch abomination and all.  Many of her moves have her transforming into the other characters of Skullgirls.  Some of them are just modified versions of existing moves, but […]

This has just been an amazing week for fighting game news!  Just one day after the announcement of AC+ getting backported to arcades, Arc System Works has made an official announcement that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus will be ported to XBox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network with built-in netplay.  This is great news and it is something that the community has been waiting on for several years now.  No information about the price and the release date are known at the moment, since details are scarce, but it’s nice to know that […]

According to Sega’s AOU portal, there will be a “new” version of Guilty Gear on display at AOU 2012 this weekend!  The game is tentatively titled Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, and it seems to be a backport of console’s AC Plus to arcade.  The game will be on the NESICA x Live system, which is the same thing that BlazBlue uses.  Information is scarce right now, so a lot of what I’m writing here is speculation, but based on the screenshots it seems like it will retain the game’s original 4:3 ratio by […]