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It’s been a while since my last update here!  Summer has been quite a bit busier than I expected, but things are finally starting to settle down around here.  It’s gonna get crazy next week though, with the American release of Persona 4 Arena! Anyway, there hasn’t been any news in the world of Guilty Gear, but there has been some great footage released from the Kansai players.  I mentioned it in my previous post, but the Kansai GG players have begun streaming crack sessions on their Nico community and Hama’s channel.  I used […]

Megalodon has returned with Volume 67 and 68 of his GGXXAC Mikado casual matches compilation series, featuring the Venom player Fino vs Satou and FAB.  This footage has also been added to the Compilation Videos page. The Kansai Guilty Gear community on Nico has recently become active again, as Kotaa and Woshige have begun streaming hours of matches featuring Ruu Bridget!  I personally archived 3 hours of Ruu vs Woshige Millia and Megalodon compiled a 30 minute highlight of Ruu vs Omito Johnny.  You can also see this footage on the 2012 Videos and Compilation […]

This was a pretty ridiculous weekend for Guilty Gear!  In an unprecedented move, the second location test for Accent Core Plus R was publicly streamed on ustream.  Normally, location tests are pretty secure, with strict rules against bringing any kind of recording or video equipment into the facilities, so this was a big surprise.  The entire two day’s worth of location test were streamed, giving us about 24 hours of footage! Unfortunately the ustream channel used did not have auto archiving enabled, but myself and other members of the community have taken steps to provide […]