Famitsu has a monthly Nico stream, and for their June broadcast they had a special collaboration with Arcadia featuring Guilty Gear Xrd! Top players Ogawa, Koichi, FAB, and Roi were also brought on board for some exhibition matches. I was fully expecting this to get uploaded to Famitsu’s official Youtube account, but it has been almost a month and I’m starting to suspect that it won’t be put up. So I have went ahead and uploaded the Nico archive to an alternate Youtube account, since it might get flagged.

Players: FAB(Potemkin), Roi(Sol), Koichi(Millia), Ogawa(Zato)

Here come the next batch of the Arc Revolution Cup qualifier videos for Guilty Gear Xrd! Before we get to that though, here are the players who have received gold tickets for Xrd. Only 4 weeks of qualifiers remain!
Ramlethal: Daiji, saryu, Karinchu

Chipp: Samitto, Endou
Bedman: Tsubu, LOX
Potemkin: Konsome, FAB
Faust: Nage, Defure
Venom: Isamu, Fino

Sol: 012
Ky: Rozu
Millia: Kanata
I-No: Hasegawa


Anyway, you know the drill by now. Videos have been posted after the break!
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Qualifiers for the 2014 Arc Revolution Cup have been going on since June 14, but I’ve been holding off on posting about them since footage has been scarce. Recently, that has changed and a bunch of them have been uploaded, so here are all of the qualifier videos from the past month! Since there are so many videos in this post, they have been posted after the break.
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Recently, Karinchu traveled to the Chubu region and was recorded played against several players from the Nagoya GGXrd scene. If you are at all interested in learning Ramlethal Valentine, these videos are a must watch. It is pretty much the Nagoya GG scene getting stomped by the #1 ranked Ram player.

Sasashima Leisureland
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia), Tights(Zato), Nanore(Slayer), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Saichorou(Millia)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nanore(Slayer)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal)

Port24 Issha
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Fujihou(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp), Uki(Sol)
Karinchu vs Uki(Sol), Daiji(Ramlethal), Tonkatsu(May), sugi(Chipp)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Uki(Sol), Tonkatsu(May), Hoshi(Ky)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Hoshi(Ky), Tonkatsu(May)

Comtech Square
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Daiji(Ramlethal)
Karinchu vs Daiji(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato), Nabe(Millia)
Karinchu vs Nabe(Millia), Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato)
Karinchu vs Tights(Zato), Daiji(Ramlethal)

People have been expecting this for a while now, but it’s finally been announced: Sin Kiske will be the new Guilty Gear Xrd character available in the console release! Famitsu has two online articles about the announcement with some nice screenshots, and also has a page about it in this month’s issue. Shoutouts to Kurushii for providing the magazine scan.

This month’s issue of Arcadia has a two page article on the Arc Revolution Cup, which has started since 3 weeks ago. Top Faust player Kiisha was interviewed for the GGXrd portion, which you can view here. You may remember him as the winner of last year’s Arc Revo Cup for Guilty Gear XX AC+R. Credit again goes to Kurushii for providing the magazine scan. He was also asked for his opinion on Xrd’s tier list, and I have translated it below:
Kiisha’s GGXrd tier list
S Sol Zato Faust Ramlethal
S- Chipp Millia
A Ky May Axl Slayer
B Bedman I-No Venom
C Potemkin

Anime Expo 2014 will be taking place this entire fourth of July weekend, and Aksys has announced that Guilty Gear Xrd will be available to play in the dealer’s hall at their booth! So, if you’re an AX regular or happen to be in the Los Angeles area, this is a good opportunity to give the game a try before its console release.