Accent Core

Guilty Gear XX

持田 Mochida
Mochida was one of the first strong Millia players in GGXX. He had a style that would be considered very simplistic today, but it worked for the time. For whatever reason, he favored doing relaunch combos with the pin to get that extra damage, even in situations where it would have been better to try going for stronger okizeme. He won the 2nd Sammy’s Cup tournament, beating MEN Kaichou Johnny in the finals, and he along with Sumi’s Sol and Kakyuu’s Axl got 2nd place at the 1st Tougeki in 2003.

Kaqn was the other really strong Millia in GGXX era. He started out with Baiken initially, but eventually switched to Millia and became very good with her. He also generally didn’t go for setups and went for pure damage. He was very aggressive with throws. Kaqn’s Millia, teamed with Yukinose Bridget and Hokushin Eddie, won the first GG Tougeki in 2003.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload

ヲシゲ Woshige
Woshige was a very strong Millia in GGXX #R era, playing mostly in a-cho arcade and showing up in lots of videos. His playstyle is characterized by going for very simple combos, and usually sacrificing damage in the corner(6h into a setup rather than relaunch after pin) for setups. He also has excellent usage of the pin and tends to rely on it more than the other Millia players from this era. He is the master of getting lots of airthrows in seemingly impossible situations and pulling off some of the most ridiculous burst baits ever in his matches.

マツ Matsu
Matsu was another very strong Millia from #R. He’s probably the most well known Millia from this era as he along with Yukinose and Sharon won GG Tougeki in 2004 after an impressive display from Matsu in the semifinals and finals. He has very strong execution, going for flashy combos all the time and hitting them perfectly. I noticed that he really liked doing an early rising j.p whenever going into the air. I also feel that his usage of j.d was much stronger than any of the Millia from this era.

コイチ Koichi
In my opinion, Koichi was the strongest Millia during #Reload’s time. He had insane execution, showcased many mixups that were unheard of for Millia at the time, and his yomi was just off the charts. In his matches you will see Koichi go for the flashiest combos ever all the time, and he rarely drops them. He along with Ogawa Eddie and kaqn Jam won the 2nd a-cho cup

かきゅん Kaqn
Kaqn continued to play Millia for a while in #Reload, but soon switched to Jam. Despite that, his Millia was still pretty good. He went for more setups this time around, compared to his XX playstyle, and was still really aggressive with throws.

レナ Rena
Rena was another somewhat strong player from this time. He had a tendency to go for flashy combos when they weren’t needed, and to make things worse, his execution wasn’t always up to par so he would drop combos in critical moments. To be honest, I don’t agree with his playstyle at all, but his team did get to top4 in Tougeki 2005, so I can’t argue against that. He was teamed with Kurusu’s Bridget and BIG’s Dizzy.

Guilty Gear XX Slash

ヲシゲ Woshige
Woshige continued with Millia in Slash, fully utilizing Millia’s new tools like 6k and Turbofall FRC to complement his already solid playstyle. He still went for generally simple combos, went for Secret Garden setups a lot, and his reads and reaction time were still ridiculous. He didn’t appear in that many videos in Slash, but from the videos that he did appear in, I feel that he was the strongest Millia from this era.

レナ Rena
Rena continued with Millia in Slash, and I feel that this version clicked with him the best because all of a sudden he wasn’t dropping combos anymore. He also was willing to experiment and did a lot of new Millia mixups. I feel that he was the most innovative Millia player during Slash.

ざやす Zayasu
Zayasu was a Millia that seemed to come from nowhere. He had a very solid playstyle, and was really excellent with footsies, which is rare since Millia’s ground game is very weak in general. He didn’t appear in many videos but he was definitely very good.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

ヲシゲ Woshige
Woshige continues with Millia into the current time, effectively making him the most enduring Millia player. Now that we’re in current time, I feel that Woshige is the strongest Millia, and definitely one of the strongest GG players in general. He has the best spacing, best reads, and best reaction time out of all the Millia players right now. I also feel that he is the only Millia player that really knows how to utilize her air FB disc and FB Longinus. Woshige, along with N-O and Shonen, won Tougeki GG in 2009.

中村 Nakamura
Nakamura actually started appearing in videos in Slash, but it wasn’t until Accent Core that he became really well known. Some people say that Nakamura is the same player as Hiro, who is known for making many Millia combo videos. Hiro seemed like a really weak player from that match videos that he showed up in, so I can’t confirm if this is true or not. Nakamura caused quite a splash when videos of him first came out in Accent Core, as he was very flashy and showed off lots of new mixups with Millia. He’s very solid, and for whatever reason he really likes Millia’s Winger overdrive. Nakamura, teamed with Shuuto’s Axl and FAB’s Potemkin, got top4 in Tougeki 2008.

コイチ Koichi
Koichi was, in my opinion, the best Millia player in #R, but he quit Millia for I-No in Slash, and would eventually become undisputably the best I-No. He messed around with Millia a bit in Slash, but it was nowhere near the level of his I-No. In Accent Core, he started going back and forth between I-No and Millia evenly. I still believe that his I-No is much better, but his Millia is still excellent. He has a very unique playstyle, and has some very creative ways to bait bursts. I think that his defense is kind of weak though.

イナ Ina
Ina is a relatively new player that started showing up in the Vacant-Pastime and Takadanobaba Mikado videos in 2009. He has a very unique playstyle, and like Noboru, his player skill isn’t as high as Woshige and Nakamura’s but his combo ability is ridiculous. He was able to get top4 in Tougeki 2010 along with Mitsurugi Zappa and Nage Faust.

昇 Noboru
Noboru is a very good Millia player that seemingly came out of nowhere. He is extremely consistent with rejump combos and is the only Millia player I’ve seen that actually consistently turns random air-to-air hits into meaningful combos that end in a knockdown. His overall player skill isn’t as high as Woshige’s and Nakamura’s, but his combo ability and his hitconfirm skills are really something else.

コバヤシ or 小林 Kobayashi
Kobayashi is a fairly old school player, but I felt that he didn’t really emerge as a strong Millia until late AC, like 2010.  His execution and hitconfirm ability are very good, but I feel that his defense and movement aren’t as strong as the other top Millias.  He mainly shows up in Mikado videos.

かきゅん Kaqn
Kaqn in #R switched from Millia to Jam, and he would switch to Order Sol in Slash, becoming who most people agree was the best Order Sol at the time. In Accent Core, he used a lot of characters, and his Order Sol would get surpassed by 0, Sanma, and Inoue. This is also the time where kaqn started working at Gamechariot, so it seemed like his player skill regressed. It might be because he wouldn’t have as much time to play anymore. There was a long period of time in Accent Core where he used only Millia, and his Millia was good. His playstyle can best be described as textbook: he didn’t do anything amazing, just played Millia the way she was supposed to be played.

レナ Rena
Rena continued with Millia in Accent Core. It doesn’t seem like he adjusted to the AC changes well, as even now his execution is pretty bad. I still dislike his style a lot, as I think he’s much too aggressive and too impatient on defense. He does win a lot though, so I can’t hate on that.

R-1 is another good Millia player. I don’t know when he started playing, but in Accent Core, he was pretty weak in the beginning, but as he starts to show up in more videos, he seems to be getting stronger.

Other Notable Players

たつみ or むい Tatsumi or Mui
Tatsumi is a Millia player that has been playing since #Reload. Tatsumi was mainly known as the best female Millia player in Japan. She was able to get 2nd place at the 2007 a-cho 3on3 same character tourney along with Woshige and Nakamura, and she also qualified for Tougeki 2008 with Machaboo and Natsume. However, most people in the West know her under her newer alias Mui, as she was a strong Aigis player in P4U. She qualified in Persona for the Arc Revo Cup and also traveled to the US for Evolution 2013. She also cosplays quite a bit: apparently, her Wooser and Darth Wooser cosplay are quite popular.

アキラ Akira
Akira is another female Millia player, who has been playing since Slash, I believe? She doesn’t appear in videos very often, but she’s mainly known for working at Gamechariot and cosplaying as Millia in the same color palette that she uses in game. I don’t think she works at Gamechariot anymore, but when she did she was usually featured on the Gamechariot Splash page, or in ads on the site. Like Mui, she doesn’t play much GG anymore but she does some amazing cosplay! I like her cosplay a lot more than Mui’s, actually.