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Continuing from right where we left off!  You can read the post for Volume 1 for more videos and an explanation for what inspired me to write all this. My criteria for choosing the best Guilty Gear combo videos was: 1) showcasing something other than just fancy combos, like setups and okizeme 2) good video editing 3) music choice and how well the song syncs up to the video 4) showing something unique This volume features Chipp, Axl, Venom, and Johnny.  Videos after the break!

Silent Force made an earlier post talking about many of the major GG Youtube accounts going down recently, including Kusoru’s 3 accounts for old GGXX #R, Slash, and Accent Core matches and MDKXL which was a huge archive of GGAC combo videos.  Well recently it has been brought to my attention that yet another account, HaruShinobi, has fallen victim.  Just like MDKXL, HaruShinobi had a ton of GG combo videos, and I’m sure he was flagged for the exact same reasons as the others.  I also wanted to add that my friend Rodrigo’s account “Rodoringo” […]

Painwheel finally makes her first appearance on Skullgirls Friday Night Fights!  With Pizzarino playing a solo Painwheel and JMZ playing a Painwheel/Parasoul team, this match gives a good idea of how she plays.  Flight mode looks ridiculously good, haha.  You can also hear the new announcer voiceclip for round start.  It seems to be different in every vid I see, which leads me to believe that the quote is either randomly selected or is picked according to which characters are on point.  The announcer guy says “This battle is all in the mind!” which is […]

Painwheel’s voice!

It’s been a while since there was any news about Painwheel since her reveal, but this Wednesday Night Fights at Super Arcade had something special!  The newest build of Skullgirls was brought over, which not only had Painwheel but also had her voice added in!  I was fortunate enough this Wednesday in that my schedule was a bit lighter than usual, so I actually had a chance to go over and play Skullgirls for myself.  I wasn’t able to hear her voice while playing because it’s impossible to hear anything in a noisy arcade.  Looking […]