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After a bit of delay, Painwheel’s official character trailer is finally out!  Kind of surprising that her theme is the Maplecrest BGM.  Her character page on the official Skullgirls website has also been updated to credit her voice actress. In other Skullgirls news, the videos for Top 8 from the Skullgirls tournament at SoCal Regionals are being put up on Gametrailers.  The level of play isn’t amazing, which is understandable since the game isn’t even out yet.  So that’s the main reason I haven’t been posting about them here.  With that said, I still think […]

A continuation of the previous post, IPW now has the Painwheel video up, with combos recorded by Mike Z at SoCal Regionals. Painwheel has some really gruesome looking combos, and as expected her flight mechanics gives her a lot of combo possibilities.  Grab resets seem very feasible with her.  Seems like she can also combo off of her grab special in the corner.  Additionally, the video shows a way to combo into and out of her install super using the stagger induced by her nail projectiles. EDIT: The Valentine video is up too!  I’m surprised […]

Tons of new Skullgirls videos on GameTrailers today!  First off is an exclusive Painwheel character walkthrough by Mike Z, in 2 parts.  Lots of valuable information here: pretty much a must watch for anyone who is planning on playing this character.  I really like how she can’t just superjump off the screen and fly there like what is observed all the time in Marvel; it really shows that Mike’s MvC2 experience helped in balancing out her flight mechanic.  Her spin dash special is also really cool, and brings back all sorts of memories of that […]

Painwheel finally makes her first appearance on Skullgirls Friday Night Fights!  With Pizzarino playing a solo Painwheel and JMZ playing a Painwheel/Parasoul team, this match gives a good idea of how she plays.  Flight mode looks ridiculously good, haha.  You can also hear the new announcer voiceclip for round start.  It seems to be different in every vid I see, which leads me to believe that the quote is either randomly selected or is picked according to which characters are on point.  The announcer guy says “This battle is all in the mind!” which is […]

Painwheel’s voice!

It’s been a while since there was any news about Painwheel since her reveal, but this Wednesday Night Fights at Super Arcade had something special!  The newest build of Skullgirls was brought over, which not only had Painwheel but also had her voice added in!  I was fortunate enough this Wednesday in that my schedule was a bit lighter than usual, so I actually had a chance to go over and play Skullgirls for myself.  I wasn’t able to hear her voice while playing because it’s impossible to hear anything in a noisy arcade.  Looking […]