Peacock, Valentine, and Painwheel by Yojio

It’s been a while since there was any news about Painwheel since her reveal, but this Wednesday Night Fights at Super Arcade had something special!  The newest build of Skullgirls was brought over, which not only had Painwheel but also had her voice added in!  I was fortunate enough this Wednesday in that my schedule was a bit lighter than usual, so I actually had a chance to go over and play Skullgirls for myself.  I wasn’t able to hear her voice while playing because it’s impossible to hear anything in a noisy arcade.  Looking over the WNF archives, Painwheel doesn’t actually say much.  She mostly just yells and makes painful grunts.  She has a crazy style and some really wacky animations.  I’m pretty excited to see how she develops.

I also noticed that I actually showed up on the stream!  Starting from about 35:32 you’ll get to see me playing solo Parasoul against my friend Chris and his Painwheel/Peacock/Ms. Fortune team who was bodying everyone that night.  It was my first time playing so I wasn’t able to do much, haha.  I should probably look over Parasoul’s move list beforehand the next time Skullgirls is brought over to WNF.