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I’m not sure how I missed this batch of videos, but Kaiji Tang has uploaded yet another set of the Skullgirls voice actresses playing the game.  This time, they are joined by Charlotte Ann, the voice actress of Double.  Which means that the full cast of Skullgirls has finally been assembled!  They’re also joined by surprise guests Marianne Miller, who was the original voice of Peacock back in 2007, and LittleKuriboh, who you may remember as the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series!  He is also in character as Marik during his matches, which is […]

JusticeTang has uploaded more videos of the Skullgirls voice actresses playing through the game!  This time the two who were missing in action last time, Christine Marie Cabanos and Cristina Vee, voice actreses of Filia and Cerebella, join the fray!  They’re also joined by the Egret voice actors, who do an amazing job during the story mode segments.  Finally, Mike Z stops by and gives some fighting game and Skullgirls lessons with hilarious results.

Just found this amazing set of videos yesterday.  Sarah Williams, Erin Fitzgerald, Kimlinh Tran, Danielle McRae, and Laura Post AKA the voice actresses for Peacock, Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, and Valentine recently got together and played Skullgirls for the 1st time!  As you can probably guess, they picked the respective characters they voiced.  The commentary is priceless, and I’m glad someone was around to record this.  You can watch the videos on JusticeTang’s Youtube channel.

Couple of Skullgirls updates I wanted to mention.  Now that the game is out there’s been a flurry of new videos posted every day, so it’s kind of impossible for me to keep up.  But I do want to highlight the videos that everyone’s favorite gamebreaker Desk has made.  They give a good explanation of how the Infinite Protection System in Skullgirls works, and also give insight on approaches to take to get around this system.  You can read a more detailed explanation on his blog. On the more artistic side of things, people have […]

This is probably old news by now, but Skullgirls is finally out in the United States on PSN!  It will get its worldwide release on XBox Live Arcade tomorrow. Last night’s UltraChenTV was pretty ridiculous, clocking in at almost 4 hours which is easily their longest show.  Unfortunately there were some lag issues at some points, but other than that it was very informative.  Mike Z and David have some pretty good chemistry.  Since there was lag, the stream had to be reset a number of times, so you can watch the Skullgirls archive here, […]