Silent Force made an earlier post talking about many of the major GG Youtube accounts going down recently, including Kusoru’s 3 accounts for old GGXX #R, Slash, and Accent Core matches and MDKXL which was a huge archive of GGAC combo videos.  Well recently it has been brought to my attention that yet another account, HaruShinobi, has fallen victim.  Just like MDKXL, HaruShinobi had a ton of GG combo videos, and I’m sure he was flagged for the exact same reasons as the others.  I also wanted to add that my friend Rodrigo’s account “Rodoringo” got hit by Youtube as well, and his account contained a good number of old GG #Reload and Slash combo vids that none of these other accounts had.

So I wanted to pay tribute to these guys for mirroring Guilty Gear combo videos all these years with a retrospective of the best videos they’ve showcased.  But obviously this is a problem because their accounts don’t exist anymore.  Luckily, almost every GG combo vid has also been mirrored on Nicovideo.  Nico’s guidelines on copyrighted music are much looser than Youtube’s, so videos uploaded there tend to last much longer.  In addition, many of the greatest GG combo vids were mirrored on multiple Youtube accounts.  Normally I don’t approve of one video getting uploaded to more than one place in Youtube, but I guess it can be helpful when one of those accounts has a high chance of getting taken down.

My criteria for choosing the best Guilty Gear combo videos was:
1) showcasing something other than just fancy combos, like setups and okizeme
2) good video editing
3) music choice and how well the song syncs up to the video
4) showing something unique

With no further ado, click on the break to begin!

Sheer Heart Attack

Tetsu’s combo videos are always great, and I feel that his best work was in Sheer Heart Attack, his Sol combo video that he released pretty late in the game’s life.  With some hilarious looking combos, great editing, and the perfect choice of music for Sol this CV is not to be missed.  Also contains amusing MSPaint art in the end which is a standard in all Tetsu produced videos.


Produced by MeguL, the guy who made the similarly excellent video Shine, Feeling is an amazing Ky combo video.  Who would have thought that Ky could do big damage?  Feeling was made in 2008, and the FB Star mixups shown would eventually become part of the standard in modern Ky play.


Produced by Raina and Fizz, sence is another great Ky combo video featuring some very unique combos and setups utilizing midscreen FB star.


Made by Bahamutt Zero from the Brazilian Guilty Gear community, this Millia combo movie has some of the most amazing video editing I’ve ever seen in any GG production.  A ton of really unique combos here along with some interesting usage of Millia’s air FB Pretty Maze.


Diabolical is an EX Millia combo video for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus made by 517.  All of 517’s videos are amazing, and this one is no different.  And you thought normal Millia was scary…

When My Mind Is Frozen

With combos performed by top Eddie and top SSFIV AE Viper player Latif, and production by Bahamutt Zero(the same guy who did Darkness), you know this video is going to be amazing.

Potegaman IV

Mike Z is almost a household name among the fighting game community nowadays with his work in promoting Blazblue and his role in the production of Skullgirls, but before all that he played a bunch of fighting games including Guilty Gear!  Potegaman IV is easily the most unique Guilty Gear combo video ever made, showing Potemkin doing combos in the style of the GB Megaman IV game complete with custom sprites, the original game soundtrack and its sound effects.  I can’t even imagine just how much work must have been put into making this video.  If you haven’t already seen it yet, then…  what are you waiting for?

Potemkin Combo Movie

Top Potemkin players Kawin, FAB, Ryuu, and ABEGEN team up to make a Potemkin combo video so epic that it doesn’t even have a name!  Showcasing some really painful combos throughout and some nice situational punishment combos in the 2nd half, this video is not to be missed especially if you play this character.

More coming soon!