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Tons of new Skullgirls videos on GameTrailers today!  First off is an exclusive Painwheel character walkthrough by Mike Z, in 2 parts.  Lots of valuable information here: pretty much a must watch for anyone who is planning on playing this character.  I really like how she can’t just superjump off the screen and fly there like what is observed all the time in Marvel; it really shows that Mike’s MvC2 experience helped in balancing out her flight mechanic.  Her spin dash special is also really cool, and brings back all sorts of memories of that […]

This is getting truly ridiculous now.  Yet ANOTHER Youtube account filled with GG videos, Camolescroc, has been taken down.  He had a ton of GGXXAC Mikado videos from 2010, as well as most of the AC Johnny combo videos.  I’m starting to think that there’s someone going around purposely reporting GG Youtube accounts, because so many of them have gone down in a short period of time. Anyway, this small update isn’t all bad news, because it seems like some people have responded to the loss of all these GG Youtube accounts!  kilsjj seems to […]

Kitsuen has released a new combo video for EX Johnny in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus!  EX Johnny is hilarious and has numerous 100% combos due to coins not prorating.  Johnny with dash momentum and comboable supers is so scary.  There are also some creative ways to get re-coins in combos which utilize projectile movement during superflash.

The final volume!  You can read the posts for Volume 1 and 2 for more videos and an explanation of what inspired me to write this. My criteria for choosing the best Guilty Gear combo videos was: 1) showcasing something other than just fancy combos, like setups and okizeme 2) good video editing 3) music choice and how well the song syncs up to the video 4) showing something unique Anywho, click on the break for videos!

Recently, Eurogamer posted an article containing snippets of an interview with Peter Barthalow aka Ravidrath from Reverge Labs about accusations of sexism against Skullgirls because of the art style and certain characters having big breasts and panty flashes.  While Peter does bring up many good points, it’s pretty clear that whoever wrote the article took parts of the interview out of context.  Whether or not it was intentional, it does make Reverge appear as if they’re justifying breast bouncing and panty flashes by the fact that their lead animator is female. So Alex Ahad, the […]