Millia, Axl, Bridget, and Venom by aimaimoco

Continuing from right where we left off!  You can read the post for Volume 1 for more videos and an explanation for what inspired me to write all this.

My criteria for choosing the best Guilty Gear combo videos was:
1) showcasing something other than just fancy combos, like setups and okizeme
2) good video editing
3) music choice and how well the song syncs up to the video
4) showing something unique

This volume features Chipp, Axl, Venom, and Johnny.  Videos after the break!

too late!

Produced by top Japanese player Nikukyuu/NikuQ, this GGXX Slash Chipp combo video has everything: flashy combos, hard to block setups, and unique ways in which Chipp can punish common strategies with the power of Instant Block.

High-speed junkie

Made by hou, this is an amazing GGXX AC Chipp video with some truly ridiculous combos.  With some very fitting BGM in the form of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Driver’s High, this video really shows why Chipp is one of the coolest characters in this game.


Made by oldschool Japanese GG player KON, this #R Axl video was truly ahead of its time in more ways than one.  Reckless was made way before the age of Youtube, and sports some really nice video editing.  It was very rare to see combo videos with such nice post production back in those days.  There are also a lot of useful variants of the ever powerful Bomber Loop and some character specific counters.

Don’t Damn Me

Made by Russian player HorokeiTen, this Accent Core Axl video has everything: flashy combos, never before seen mixups, character specific counters, funny glitches, slick editing, and the best, if not obvious choice of BGM for Axl in the form of GNR’s Don’t Damn Me.


Made by mogura, this is easily the best #R Venom combo video produced.  Featuring some truly ridiculous setups and professional video editing, that should be all that needs to be said to convince you to watch this video!


Made by F, this AC Venom combo video features all sorts of crazy ball setups that are actually quite useful in matches.


Roman is a truly epic collaboration between F(who created the previous video Requiem) and top Japanese Venom players N-Otoko/N-O and Maddo.  It’s probably obvious by now that Venom is my favorite combo video character because his videos tend to focus on setups, which are a lot more useful in matches than flashy combos.  And this production is no different: it always amazes me at how many different ball setups these guys can come up with.  Also features the great song Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi by KOKIA as BGM, with an echo filter applied to it.  Works surprisingly well!


Made by Sanka, Nostalgia is an amazing AC Johnny combo video that was way ahead of its time.  Features some useful air tech traps for Lvl3 Mist Finer, ways to abuse the weird properties of Mist after a connected 6k, and all sorts of ridiculous mixups including one that actually utilizes his Respect!