Painwheel by utrymme

Painwheel finally makes her first appearance on Skullgirls Friday Night Fights!  With Pizzarino playing a solo Painwheel and JMZ playing a Painwheel/Parasoul team, this match gives a good idea of how she plays.  Flight mode looks ridiculously good, haha.  You can also hear the new announcer voiceclip for round start.  It seems to be different in every vid I see, which leads me to believe that the quote is either randomly selected or is picked according to which characters are on point.  The announcer guy says “This battle is all in the mind!” which is very fitting for Painwheel’s character.

There was something I forgot to mention in my last post, and that was at Wednesday Night Fights, there was a piece of paper on the Skullgirls setup that basically explained all the basics of Painwheel.  It had a description of her general gameplan and her unique abilities, along with a breakdown of all her normals and specials.  It’s really nice to see how Reverge is willing to help out people in learning the game instead of just letting everyone navigate blind.