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So, I know from Statcounter that my old site wasn’t very popular, but apparently it was enough to inspire someone else!  Project Rufus is a fansite for that character in Street Fighter IV made by a German player.  It seems like he followed the basic structure of my site and added his own personal touch to it.  Interestingly enough he’s also using my old graphics heavy WP theme, Mystique.  Man, I love that theme, but it has problems on older computers.  I wonder how you get from Millia to Rufus, though.  Those two have nothing […]

pityfy on nico has been putting up some hilarious tool-assisted superplay(TAS) videos of the first Guilty Gear game, The Missing Link.  He shows off a lot of silly and broken things about this game, and I think it’s a miracle that the game doesn’t crash, what with it being on PSX and all.  I also think it’s interesting how GG1’s system of inverting gravity was pretty much re-used in the arcade Hokuto no Ken fighting game.  Get ready for basketball combos! Videos under the break! They’ve also been added in the Funny stuff page.

Shinjuku Joybox is an arcade that is familiar to many non-Japanese, as it has a Youtube account that is known for putting up hours and hours of videos for several fighting games.  Recently it has fallen prey to the decline of arcades, as it closed shop on the 18th of August.  Joybox is known as the main arcade for the Kanto Melty Blood scene, so they held a special Red vs White event as a final sendoff on the day of closing.  For those of you that don’t know what red vs white is, it’s […]

Kazunoko on Topanga TV

Top Order Sol player and Yun player Inoue, aka Kazunoko was a guest on Mago and Tokido’s livestream Topanga TV yesterday.  Ov3rheadGreg took an excerpt of the show where he played online ranked matches and mirrored it on Youtube: Obviously if you play Yun in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition this is a goldmine of footage to study from.  Inoue also talks briefly about his GG career, and he mentions that he started playing seriously in Slash.  Apparently he’s always been playing Order Sol from the very beginning, which is pretty impressive considering how […]

Hello, this is my first post here.  I am pleased to announce that my Millia fansite The Irony of Chaste has finally been moved over 100%! I suppose I should explain what happened.  The Irony of Chaste was originally hosted by HostWQ at  HostWQ was one of those rare free hosting services with an impressive array of features like FTP access, mySQL support and cpanel support.  However, it had its fair share of problems: the most prominent being that it was very slow.  This was a bit of a problem with my old site […]