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Finally, there are some very high quality screenshots of the Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena at andriasang.  Seems like the protagonist is going to be using his anime name 鳴上 悠 Yuu Narukami instead of his manga name.  I’m really curious about that character select screenshot though: one of the options is Persona, so maybe that means some characters have more than 1 available?  It’d be really cool to be able to use Izanagi-no-Okami or Chie’s Suzuka Gongen.  Letting you choose whether to keep glasses on or off is a nice touch, too. […]


Skullgirls has been getting a fair amount of attention lately, and I thought I’d write about it since a lot of my friends have worked on and are still working on the game.  It’s been in development for quite a while, and I admit that when I first heard about it I thought it would never get off the ground.  Skullgirls had a good team of people working on it and the art direction was solid: Rithli had a video showing the very promising early designs of the 8 main characters.  This video has been […]