This is a few weeks old but I felt I should post it because it’s such great footage.  Megalodon makes the Best moments at TRF/Mikado vids on Nico and he also compiles the best Guilty Gear casual matches from Jonio’s ustream and archives.  Volume 24 and 25 feature Woshige from September 16-20 in 2010.  It was the week before Tougeki 2010 at that time, thus many players from all over Japan were at Mikado.  This is pretty much Woshige running the gauntlet against Mikado regulars, so it’s a goldmine of footage for Millia players.

Volume 24

Woshige vs Satou(Johnny), Nage(Faust), Ten(I-No), En(Slayer), Kishitaka(Sol)

Volume 25

Woshige vs Satou(Johnny), Ogawa(Eddie), Roi(Sol), and an unnamed Jam. It’s probably KA2.

These videos are also in the Woshige subsection on the GGXXAC videos page.  They are essentially a highlights version of the Woshige casuals videos that I’ve posted before.