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I haven’t been posting about the Friday Night Fights Skullgirls videos, but today’s vid on IGN has some cool content.  It features Master Chibi, who some people might know from the Melty Blood scene and Rithli, who many people will know from Vampire Savior and Akatsuki Blitzkampf.  They are both playing solo characters, with Chibi going for Ms. Fortune and Rithli going for Parasoul.  This match is the first look at a 1v1 battle in Skullgirls.  In 1v1 mode, the matches are actually best 2 out of 3 rounds like traditional fighting games. You also […]

Tons of new Skullgirls stuff from GameTrailers today.  First off is Mike Z showing off the newest announced character in the roster, Ms. Fortune!  She’s a very interesting character and is basically the shadow character of the game, like GG’s Eddie and BB’s Carl.  Also featured in the video is the new character select screen, which looks really great.  I want a wallpaper size image of Parasoul’s background image. The other video is Mike Z showing off Parasoul, which is more or less what we’ve seen before in earlier footage.  There’s some good insight on […]

Parasoul’s character page on the official Skullgirls website has finally been updated to credit her voice actress, Erin Fitzgerald!  You know what this means… Parasoul da best <3  I love that timeout pose at the end.

More Parasoul palettes

New post on the official Skullgirls homepage from Brian about palettes and the work that goes into making them!  Seems like we have the same taste in characters so lots of Parasoul is featured~ Skullgirls seems to be setting all sorts of new standards for 2D fighting games, even in the palette department!  It’s really cool how the depth map system allows them to emulate textures.  No doubt the shiny texture on the red dress in Parasoul’s Jessica Rabbit palette owes much to this. Keep up the good work Brian!

Parasoul’s voice!

Newest video on the weekly Friday Night Fights segment of the official Skullgirls Youtube channel has a match with Parasoul’s lines finally added in!  She pretty much sounds exactly like what I expected: very stern and serious.  It’s very Cammy-like.  I was kind of hoping she would have a husky, sultry voice like Jessica Rabbit’s, but this is just as good. Also of note are two new Parasoul palettes that I haven’t seen yet in earlier videos.  Amazingly, she has the Mitsuru palette that I suggested in my earlier SG post!  She even has the […]