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Ms. Fortune players get a real treat today!  There was a pretty big Skullgirls tournament at SoCal Regionals 2011 last weekend, and Mike Z ended up recording some Ms. Fortune combos for everyone.  It was recorded by Rin Harasaki, the guy who runs the BBVLog Youtube channel, but the video’s an iPlaywinner exclusive. There’s a lot of useful information about Ms. Fortune’s move properties that you can take from this video.  Like most other characters, she can combo off of her throw.  On the ground, her decapitation move(where she rolls her head at the opponent […]

This seems to be a great Skullgirls filled weekend!  A ton of new SG videos with commentary by community manager Peter Barthalow popped up on IGN today: first off is a demonstration of the tutorial mode, which looks amazing.  Most fighting game tutorials nowadays just teach things like how to attack, perform special moves, and do combos, but they don’t teach the other equally important parts of fighting games like defense and movement.  Skullgirls aims to fix that with a complete tutorial mode that will teach everything.  In the demo, they show off the mix-up […]

1Up put up a new preview on Skullgirls today, giving some basic background information on the game along with things that anyone who has been following the game knows already.  But they’ve also included Ms. Fortune’s character trailer!  It’s not on the Skullgirls Youtube channel yet, so you’ll have to settle for IGN.  Make sure to watch it in HD for that full 60fps goodness!  Her voice is pretty funny as expected.  Unfortunately it’s kind of hard to make out what she’s saying for some attacks because of all the action, but I at least […]

The newest Skullgirls Friday Night Fights featuring Negaduck vs Dyselon is finally out on IGN three days late, and there are some cool things in it.  It’s the first official look at Ms. Fortune’s voice!  The newest build was demoed on UCI Fight Nights and Wednesday Night Fights in previous weeks, but it was hard to hear Ms. Fortune in those streams because of commentary.  But now you can hear her in all her glory!  There is also a slight change to the announcer voice clip at the start of the round along with some […]

Two new videos in the world of Skullgirls yesterday: first off is the stream archive at Wednesday Night Fights at Super Arcade in Walnut, California.  I actually live super close to Super Arcade as it’s right across from Mt. San Antonio College, but unfortunately Wednesdays are always busy for me so I haven’t been able to go to any of the WNFs.  Skullgirls was played on stream for about half an hour yesterday and the players were actually pretty good for once.  But most importantly, they were playing on the newest build which has Ms. […]