Ms. Fortune by Speeh

1Up put up a new preview on Skullgirls today, giving some basic background information on the game along with things that anyone who has been following the game knows already.  But they’ve also included Ms. Fortune’s character trailer!  It’s not on the Skullgirls Youtube channel yet, so you’ll have to settle for IGN.  Make sure to watch it in HD for that full 60fps goodness!  Her voice is pretty funny as expected.  Unfortunately it’s kind of hard to make out what she’s saying for some attacks because of all the action, but I at least was able to get Furserker Purrage, haha.  Her character page on the official Skullgirls website has also been updated to credit her voice actress Kimlinh Tran.

EDIT: Here we go, it’s on Youtube now!

EDIT 2: It’s on GameTrailers now as well!  HD 60fps quality and the video is also available for direct download.