Ms. Fortune by Alicesoft's Orion(Sengoku Rance artist)

The newest Skullgirls Friday Night Fights featuring Negaduck vs Dyselon is finally out on IGN three days late, and there are some cool things in it.  It’s the first official look at Ms. Fortune’s voice!  The newest build was demoed on UCI Fight Nights and Wednesday Night Fights in previous weeks, but it was hard to hear Ms. Fortune in those streams because of commentary.  But now you can hear her in all her glory!  There is also a slight change to the announcer voice clip at the start of the round along with some new effects.  Finally, some of Ms. Fortune’s palettes are shown here, including a great Morrigan palette and who I believe is supposed to be Kagamine Rin.

Remember to switch on the option to watch the video in HD.